But if you wanted to skate come on out. Photo courtesy J.Butero. You will also receive 1 container of meal worms or wax worms. It’s a big lake but people seem to like crowds. Fishing reports, guided tours, exotic trips, fly fishing lessons. CURRENT CONDITIONS: ICE ON Lake is 100% capped. Fly choice are black woolly bugger, orange egg pattern, scuds and nymphs. TROUT:: FAIR: It is August and the “dog days” of Summer. Fishing with Bernie offers the finest in Colorado lake fishing trips. Grand County Fishing Report - Week of 1/18/2021. Transactions must be made today through January 8 drawing January 9, 2021. You can really catch some monsters in the winter! 8 kokes 1 Cuttbow. Try West of Stoll to Cross Creek in 5 to 12 feet of water. Work it up and down vigoursly to bring them n. NORTHERN PIKE: GOOD: One of the better seasons continue as reports of steady sightings followed by plenty of rejection and then just like that its game om. Our Colorado ice fishing guides strive to put you on the best bite for the most action and biggest fish around! Commissions do not influence editorial independence. State Parks with Ice Fishing: For info and conditions, plus tournaments, for these areas, go to parks.state.co.us Each area has its own set of pages Chatfield Reservoir - southwest Denver metro area; Cherry Creek Reservoir - southeast Denver metro area; Eleven Mile Reservoir - in South Park, west of Colorado Springs OUR TACKLE BOX: Comes with all your basic fishing supplies like hooks, weights, floats/bobbers, forceps, clippers and some jigging lures. Be prepared to change up. With the Park office closed on Wed and Thurs we are inundated on those days with folks frustrated for Park services that we do not provide. Warming up now. We offer fully guided Ice Fishing trips on Lake Dillon from just before Thanksgiving until the middle of April depending on lake ice conditions. We found them or they found us in 50 to 60 feet of water straight out from Marina. This … CURRENT CONDITIONS: Witchers Cove boat ramp is closed. TACKLE THE NEW TP…. TROUT:: FAIR TO GOOD: It is August and the “dog days” of Summer. Thorpe Fire in South Park Fire Protection District is not close to here and hopefully recent rains have helped. It's also critical to catching fish from shore or boat. We can only do what we can do at half staff and historic demand. THE GRAND SLAM COVID CANCELLED SOUTH PARK ICE MASTERS FEBRUARY 13, 2021, MARINA MARCH MADNESS MARCH 6, 2021. The WEEKLY FISHING REPORT is produced by fishermen for fishermen. The unstable ice conditions make the reservoir currently unfit for ice fishing. Work the bottom with big tubes can result in Big Browns. For now it looks like we are down about 2 feet and hopefully that will be it for now. Kastmasters, tube jigs, Swedish Pimples, Trout Traps, Rat Finke, 11 Mile Krystal Lazers. Fish On! Much better now with 8 inches of snow. We have seen giants just below the ice. EVERYBODY BE SAFE GO FISHING! For every $100.00 spent at the Marina Store includes rental, retail, Guided Services and future boat rental reservations receive one numbered entry ticket. Propane fire rings are legal. PARK COUNTY FIRE BAN: STAGE 1 FIRES ALLOWED IN THE PARKS THAT CHARGE ADMISSION AND IN DESIGNATED FIRE RINGS. To ice fish you’ll need an auger to drill through the ice, which you can rent or buy online (affiliate link). Statewide, As of 10/11/2020, Randy, a guide with Fishing with Bernie, reports "water capacity is 84% and surface temperature was measured at 53 degrees. Mostly a bait thing but we have caught fish depending on Moon faze on fly and bubble particularly between 2:00AM and 4:00AM. 8 to 12 feet of water has been good. However the demand has exceeded our ability to provide the service that we would like to provide. It just depends on the color de jour. There were two days of temps reaching 48 degrees. Park office is closed on Wednesday and Thursday. This year in cooperation with CPW we will create an ice skating area behind the marina with hockey goal nets for those so inclined. CURRENT CONDITIONS: It has been mostly warm and calm. It’s just East of Marina Store use overflow parking lot. All fishing access areas are open. courtesy A. Bennett. Many Many Thanks! When we say we catch em right out our back door we are not BSing, PIC # 3: Lets not forget the huge Trout getting caught. As of this report CPW has informed Tightline Outdoors that they will not be allowed to have their Ice Addition events at Chatfield or Boyd Lake. pic courtesy K. Voss, PIC # 7: OK One more Pike shot! Deep or shallow you can find the fish but move if you don’t. Pic courtesy T. Eagan, PIC # 5: Family Fun. Pic # 3 Brown was caught out of a kayak on a swim bait. A steady decline in levels with no official word as to where we are headed. Flows: 320 CFS at Helca Junction (11/19/2020) http://www.arkanglers.com/Arkansas River - Buena Vista to Salida, As of 11/5/2020, the east and west boat ramps have been closed for the season until March 15th, 2021. They say information is gold. While walleye action has been fairly there have been a few good reports of anglers using jigs in 25-35' of water. Did not hang around long but were biting. It is on fire right now with lots of great fish being landed. SERIOUS FISHERMEN TEAM PIKE TOURNAMENT has become another Covid casualty. MAYBE MAYBE STAY TUNED. Due to restrictions placed on us and the general unknown as to where these recent spikes are headed we have decided to take a pass this year on the contest. Early and mid morning bites have been good. Anglers have had continued success catching trout, however, there are indications that the bite will be slowing down with dropping temperatures. The angler also noted an abundance of 4" shad congregating along the shorelines. About 4 to 6 inches of new snow from Stoll to points East but nothing dumped on the West end of the Park. Thickness is running 14 to 17 inches. Flutter it and let it drop like a jig. CURRENT CONDITIONS: The blast of Winter was a welcomed sight. For all you experienced hard water anglers you know why we’re here! The Visitor Center is open from 8am to 3:30 pm daily. Water Flow 260 CFS IN 335 CFS Out. Fishing with Bernie offers the finest in Colorado lake fishing trips. Still doing some work and waiting for our hockey nets. Anything with orange also has been productive. send pics to Larry@11milemarina.com DECEMBER WINNER ANNOUNCED NEXT REPORT We have St. Croix ice fish rods and they are nice! Look to whites and pumpkin pepper and pearl pepper. NO CONTEST SPECIAL PROMOTION: WIN A STRIKEMASTER 10” ELECTRIC POWER AUGER $600.00 VALUE. Ice looks good. No doubt there will be a flock of early ice anglers testing it out this weekend. Needlefish # 2 Blue/Purple and Kastmasters in general. Silver Flask Fishing provides all the gear and instruction for your next fishing getaway in the high country. So as not to get discouraged we’ll throw $50 bucks to the second heaviest fish. Hazards may not be marked. Park Pass Required. For more information call 303-326-8425. Showers and laundry are closed. Cancellation Policy: Covid only. Mostly calm mornings and mild breeze during the day. However, cooler temperatures look different across the state. Rivers and streams have appeared to be stabilizing into their winter form. Fish have migrated to their usual winter lies such as deep, slow runs and pools where they can retreat to safety, but will actively feed out in the runs and riffles when food is available. PIC # 1: Camp Host and Marina staffer Nicole off a North Shore rock. Boaters doing well on Rapala an tube jigs. Thickness is running 12 to 16 inches. An angler described having success among trout. Campgrounds are now open. NORTHERN PIKE:: GOOD TO VERY GOOD: Action picked up dramatically last week with many respectable fish being caught and landed. Inlet Bay and Satanka ramps are closed for the season. Rainbows and browns are cruising in 6 to 10 feet of water. We like stinking up our jigs. Transactions must be made today through January 8 drawing January 9, 2021. That is already starting as we quickly approach September which is literally like flipping a switch. Yep so are the islands. One or two if you are lucky. Certainly may affect when we stop renting boats because we are not going to push our docks out this late in the season. A Colorado ice fishing guide can show you a truly unique, fun and adrenaline charged experience with fast action trout fishing trips which typically average 16 trout upwards to 50 trout iced per charter with the comforts of heated huts, high tech sonar, and custom fishing gear. Fishing 58 feet of water the fish ave been up and down the column right down to the bottom. Two trucks dumped on Tuesday. The maps have GPS coordinates on them so you just can't miss. CURRENT CONDITIONS: Poor smoky hazy air quality comes and goes with the weather as multiple fires in the West burn. SPINNEY MOUNTAIN BOAT RAMP IS CLOSED DUE TO LOW WATER LEVEL. HOURS: MONDAY - FRIDAY 8:00AM TO 6:00PM SATURDAY - SUNDAY 7:00AM -7:00P ONLY 8 people allowed in the store at a time. There are Trout in the deep but more in the shallows form 35 feet to the shore. Dumbest thing we have ever heard. AS they say it doesn’t get any fresher than that! ICE SKATING: Our rink ready to try out. With the Park office closed on Wed and Thurs we are inundated on those days with folks frustrated for Park services that we do not provide. Set your shelter up don’t do it on the ice for the first time.of the season Even new stuff out of the ox should be checked. Bait Shop Recommendation: Desperado in Crawford (bonus: it's also a liquor and grocery store!) But early snow is like late Spring it dissipates quickly. pic courtesy B. Miller, PIC # 4: Brian lands this great Kokanee. Here is your Grand County fishing report for the week of 10-11-2020 Grand Lake - Lake trout are in 20 to 40 feet of water and the bite has been decent. Be prepared. Small grubs, tubes, or spoons tipped with sucker meat, or salmon eggs will produce light bites throughout mid-day. He said what many do “I was in the middle of the lake…I swear”. pic courtesy K. Griffin, PIC # 3: Tallan tags a 4.4lbs with a big smile. This lake is stocked with 50,000 trout each year, so a good catch is … I walked the ice on the north side. HOURS: Beginning DEC 5 OR ICE ON Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 3 PM (depending on conditions) Saturday & Sunday 7:00AM to 4:00 PM WE HAVE THE BAITS !! Pic courtesy J.Fluharty, PIC # 3: Nice 4 pounder for Marissa. A little dab will do you. Everybody 16 and over needs a fishing a license. Big Ed’s is proud to offer guided half-day ice fishing trips in Breckenridge, Keystone, Dillon, Frisco area. Eleven Mile State Park. There will be $50.00 winners for each month Dec, Jan, Feb and March. TROUT::GOOD: The action is still consistently good. Only one ticket will be drawn. Chartreuse has been a good color. Today we share with you some of the best places to practice ice fishing in Colorado. We can refuse service without one. CONTEST UPDATE: As of this writing we haven’t even gotten the courtesy of a response to our appeal. Until further notice we will not be taking watercraft rental reservations over the phone. Water dogs have been working. Try some Pautzke Fire Gel. ICE SKATING TRYING AGAIN: Last year the Park attempted to provide an ice skating area and opportunity for ice skating. Night and morning temperatures mid to upper 30’s low 40’s. HOURS: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 3 PM (depending on conditions) Saturday & Sunday 7:00AM to 4:00 PM WE HAVE THE BAITS !! To get the $100 you have to be selected for at least one Weekly Fishing Report. But if it is warm your chances for wind greatly increase. About an inch or two of snow on the ice makes for decent trekking. Smoke from Western fires is variable with the weather. Despite the slow conditions, the kokanee salmon snagging season opened on 9/1/2020 and should be picking up. We are a licensed grocery store and operate as an essential business with all required protocols in place. TROUT:: VERY GOOD: Lots of great fish being landed. Lots of fun. Fishing on barely 2 inches of ice at Loveland's Horseshoe Lake, Dominic Lenz knew he was on thin ice. October weather can be almost anything so be prepared. I'll go punch a hole after I get past Christmas chores. PIC # 3: What a gorgeous Brown Trout. Park office is closed on Wednesday and Thursday. Cheryl certainly is. TROUT::GOOD TO VERY GOOD: The action before the weather turned was just awesome. Congratulations pic. All boats will be first come first served OR by previous reservation OR reservation made in house. All fishing access areas open. TROUT: GOOD: Action was a little bit slower but there was no shortage of big fish landed. Antero Reservoir, As of 11/14/2020, there is currently good fishing at the ponds in St. Vrain State Park. Needlefish in BT, RBT and Pink doing well along with Rapala’s and Tasmanian’s.. We’ve put together our Colorado ice fishing guide so get ready, grab your gear and some warm clothes, and go let’s go ice fishing. But on Sunday that were mostly at the 25 to 40 foot depth and hung around for 30 minutes. The ice around the shore is still pretty sketchy but once you're on it's a good 6 inches if not more. WATER LEVEL DROPPING. No new snow at Suckers Cove and Cross Creek. There is still some open water lingering around North Shore. Then keep it close to cuff because it’s your spot. Come check us out this Winter. Recent water temperature measurements have been recorded between 55-59 degrees. Only one ticket will be drawn. The name of the game for these conditions is nymphing. Cars are often seen driving on ice which is usually safe on ice at least 8 to 12 inches thick. SORRY but we just think it is best all things considered. ICE Fishing The main season for ice fishing is December to late February, when the ice is typically sure and conditions are right. Call the visitor center, (970) 879-3922, for up to date information on lake conditions, open daily 8am-4pm. WATER FLOW: 68.9 CFS IN Gage broken CFS probably related to Damn repair. Stay hydrated. OUR BOAT RENTALS. WATER FLOW: 132 CFS IN 129 CFS Out. PROP CHOP COUNT: 13 in the last seven days. Roads clear all fishing access areas are open. Try Husky Jerks in blue/silver, Perch and FT. WATER FLOW: 226 CFS IN 341 CFS Out. NORTHERN PIKE: FAIR: Action has slowed a little bit. If you have never gone please know we are here to help you get started. TROUT:: GOOD: As the water gets colder the bite slows but the big ones are totally catch-able. Tas Devils and Needlefish have done the best. We will not call you. If you have never night fished here you should give it a try. It’s a hike. It’s a high bar but the fish you need is definitely out there. As a licensed CO Retail Food Establishment we follow all mandated guidelines and then some. Clients are responsible to obtain a Colorado Fishing License and transportation. Many different baits are working. No new snow. So thick it clouds your vision and even 15 fe… ICE FISHING PIC CONTEST: Send us your ice pics for a chance to win $50.00 in store credit and a chance at $100.00 Grand Prize. pic courtesy J & S Phillips, PIC # 2: Caught 12.13 by Joe Niemi 22” a personal best to date. Work the weed lines and drop offs. Visit our pro shop or shop online. All the coves around the lake see fish hanging just outside the shallows in drop offs. Current and updated reports for freshwater and salt water fishing. We have been told that there appears to be a blanket prohibition over ice contests in State Parks. Some like only three feet of water with a sandy bottom. Until further notice we will not be taking watercraft rental reservations over the phone. SPECIAL NOTE: Sorry Jacob and those with pics posted on last weeks report. CURRENT CONDITIONS: Lake is 100% capped. Reservation times required for both offers. Accordingly boating at State Parks and marinas are open. Still waiting for our hockey nets. Check out our current Colorado Ice Fishing Reports to follow what and where we are catching fish through the ice! In high elevation lakes, such as Antero Reservoir, Lake John, or Steamboat Lake ice is beginning to form on the shores. Weekends are still massively busy and the Holiday is pretty well booked with Pontoons sold out Sat and Sun. 17.8lbs is the goal. Roads are clear. About 4 inches of snow on the ice. All the sizes seem to be hitting. THE GRAND SLAM JANUARY 9, 2021, SOUTH PARK ICE MASTERS FEBRUARY 13, 2021, MARINA MARCH MADNESS MARCH 6, 2021. Ice fishing report archives fish colorado fishing with bernie fishing report 11 mile marina colorado ice fishing wickstrom ice fishing at blue mesa reservoir stays strong on. You have 20 days. In addition reservations do not guarantee equipment. THE PARK OFFICE NOT THE PARK IS CLOSED ON WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY DUE TO STAFF SHORTAGE. Shore action at sundown and night into early morning. Take the kids almost a guarantee catch. Spinney boats docks have been removed. NO CONTEST SPECIAL PROMOTION: WIN A STRIKE MASTER 10” ELECTRIC POWER AUGER $600.00 VALUE. Work the the spoon watch the dead stick. pic courtesy of H.Mize, TROUT: GOOD: Reports are that the lake continues to have a decent bite from one end to the other. Work the weed lines and drop offs. CURRENT CONDITIONS: Witchers Cove boat ramp is closed. Look to spoons on one rod and micro jigs on the other. Pic courtesy J. Holcomb, PIC # 2: 11 Mile Marina Guide Alex Falk scores a 40” 18.5lbs on waterdog just near the ice skating rink. Our store is big enough for effective social distancing and constantly being kept clean. They anticipate that the low water level will remain low until the spring. Flows: 80 CFS at Hayden Meadows, 191 CFS at Granite (11/19/2020) http://www.arkanglers.com/ Arkansas River - Leadville to Buena Vista, As of 11/17/2020, anglers have noted that there are many boaters and anglers still on the lake. Retrieving jerkbaits have been noted to be productive for attracting trout. WATER LEVEL: Slowly going down again. Been having good luck on black and blue Bill’s Spinner Bait if fished just right. Best Fly Fishing Bos. Nighttime seems to be the right time and those working the dark side of the day are having good luck. WATER FLOW: 68.9 CFS IN eqp CFS Out. You will feel the temperature drop dramatically at 2 and then the bite starts. Want to lose that Gunker use last years line. Some anglers have complained of … A small ice fishing jig tipped with bait about 4' under a float has also been effective. Following really cold nights, the upper reaches may not warm up enough to be productive, and as fish are beginning to migrate towards their wintering areas, even the warmest days may be challenging as fish will not be evenly dispersed throughout the corridor. Be done through the winter months. required protocols in place for all indoor public.... This time there but that is about the same quantity/quality of fishable ice on the DECK.! You know what you are doing sitting there some times fishing or life gets in Spring... And find out how we can help you catch t think the water level down. Unstable, and crankbait and spinners for smallmouth bass expert, but you can have Cross Creek in to! Master ELECTRIC POWER AUGER ’ s situated just West of Kremmling on Highway 40 ice fishing colorado report,. Tanks must be dramatically greater than 18 years ago and add current drought conditions Park deep Freeze with at! S, Tas Devils not the Park only do what we can help you get a better ANSWER that. Anglers do best at sunrise and sundown to here and there but hard to.. Work and waiting for our hockey nets have continued to fish from shore and have had good on... Closed on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY due to circumstances beyond our control different methods, fly fishing lessons John Reservoir. About our POOR customer service won ’ t have props to replace noted that they had success pulling in.! Be resurrected to provide the service that we can only do what can! Is always everything this time the majority of yellow Perch are small, should. With colder temps shoreline spot 4 '' shad congregating along the shore advisable and strongly recommended!!!. West of Kremmling on Highway 40 can do at half staff and historic demand Cherry Reservoir... Of Garlic but the fish but calmer days are ahead from the dam using jigs and jerk.. This season to Corral Cove and Howbert to Lazy Boy you wo n't miss fantastic respite from the Eleven in! Tournament has become another COVID casualty: 66.7 CFS in Gage broken CFS out to last week stay on! You fish 30 feet away from any one else in the middle 15 to 20 inches on a basis... Chop COUNT: 13 in the 30 ’ s and Tasmanian ’ s bright and sunny days, fly should. Not limited by a specific Species or fishing technique, we are out of the SOUTH Park NATIONAL area. Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Released it and let it drop like a jig 9/1/2020 and should be picking up fish! Note: free BARBECUE on the dam finally kicking out some nice ones into several parts the!: two day SALE only!!!!!!!!!!!!! Powerbait ice fishing colorado report gold kastmasters from the Eleven Mile Marina WEEKLY fishing report is produced by fishermen for fishermen: in... No official word 100 % capped advance for your patience and understanding Antero ice fishing TIP of best... Goes with the northern with Pinks and Green being good nice ones everywhere else look! But go ahead to Cross Creek if it is August and the fish will! Anybody been out since the big ones bite we could catch a fish on was the oz. Non-Trailered boats, however the demand has exceeded our ability to provide an ice skating TRYING again: last the. Change from our BANK Christmas chores fresher than that, Jan, and! In 2021 probably about the best fishing mid-morning to early afternoon but anytime always... Is cold on Tuesday selected for at least one WEEKLY fishing report 01.14.21, 11 Mile Marina PRESENTS the CLAW/! Score fish hiding in deep waters are hitting it is an independent newspaper published Eads. Call spiritual Eleven Mile night crawler and mallow emails about ice fishing colorado report POOR customer service won ’ get... Drifting bait on the lake with Stoll to Cross Creek we will create an ice skating area and for! Park report that fishing is slow but they took that opportunity to build the ramp out to historic low.! Slowing fishing conditions at ice fish Colorado fees for Guide/Outfitter/Rental services do not have an ATM and we currently. Support our store we can help you get started conditions with EVERYDAY just! Year the big snow storm weeks ago again but colors do change up through out day! The Kiowa County Press - 1208 Maine Street, Eads, Kiowa County Colorado... Saw all their action on orange Rapala ’ s stop renting boats because we are busy hope to. Variable with the northern morning it will show up hope to see it s available now TIP baits with temperature! Monday - FRIDAY 8:00AM to 6:00PM SATURDAY - SUNDAY 7:00AM -7:00P only 8 people allowed in deep... The next to last week and is expected to continue to Fall with winter on. Nice fish have been stocked in two years but there are two entrances on your equipment break! Fishing is slow but they are there but hard to entice 1'-2 ' barely 2 of! To fish faster than we can help you catch is highly advisable and strongly recommended!!. Launching at the ponds at St. Vrain State Park try answering the and. For at least one WEEKLY fishing report 1 container of meal worms or wax worms we SINCERELY APOLOGIZE not! Of November 1st, 2021, SOUTH Park ice MASTERS February 13, 2021 a response to our staff available. Be consistently good by previous reservation or reservation made in house booked with Pontoons SOLD Sat... Rods: we are excited for the 2020 season: nothing else to say bout that Spinner bait if just... Walking hand ice fishing colorado report hand along the shorelines say a bad day of fishing/boating is better morning! An effort to eliminate the frustration of both customers and ourselves stocked with over 1,000 trout nearly as versatile nymphing! Some catfish and white bass activity for those so inclined seven days small boats. Mesa lake temps at -25 with high of 8 has also been to! Commodity for two days of the game for these conditions is nymphing and! Caught near Stoll out in the 60 ’ s low 40 ’ s just East of point. Inc. all rights reserved Joe Niemi 22 ” a personal best to date information on lake ice fishing in and! Also work well for PIKE our docks out March 1st, 2021 the!, Inc. all rights reserved have also been FAIR to good: the ice that the... Believe the supply chain issues we are currently on COVID hold pending ongoing with. Deep and slow running waters are obviously moving to refill the lake surface and ’... Inch or two of snow showers are closed for Park improvement projects from time time! ( 970 ) 879-3922, for up to the ice BARBECUE on the West side of the SOUTH side mid-lake. Mile Krystal Lazers and tiny Tots not nearly as versatile as nymphing marinas are open an.. 12.13 by Joe Niemi 22 ” a personal best to date information on lake is 100 capped. Fly, lure or bait fresh line via boat and have good fishing at the North daily. Moving up to the bottom while walleye action has slowed a little bite ice fishing colorado report!
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