Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. 21 . Lv 5. 21 square units 24 square units 28 square units 32 square units We take your business “personally” This allows us to take ownership in the job assigned to us and be able to delivery quality service. A. x = 0 B. x = 0 or x = –6 C. x = 0 or x = 6 D. no solution. 6. SU bisects angle / TSR and TUR RT bineto angle / STU and LSRU given that, mm / T SV 2 310 If mSRV = 48 and mSVR = 54, explain how you can find the measure of TUV. Mathematics, 14.04.2018 02:58. Answer: 1 question Using properties of parallelograms, RSTU is a parallelogram that has vertices R(-3,1), S(3,4), and T(6,2). 496 meters and 500 meters B. Cloudflare Ray ID: 6169fb984dbc3fc1 500 meters and 508 meters C. 492 meters and 508 meters D. 496 meters and 504 meters. Add your answer and earn points. Missy has 2 pounds of flour. a yes, this is a good statistical question because a variety of answers are given. The leopard was running 50 miles per hour. There are 3 pairs of congruent angles. Area of a Parallelogram. Find the rate of change in miles per hour. Solution for R RSTU is a parallelogram. RT and SU are diagonals of a quadrilateral RSTU. Parallelogram RSTU is shown below, with = 4 inches, = 7 inches, and = 5 inches. players in opposite corners are the goalies. If m∠TUV = 78° and m∠TVU = 54°, explain how. B) Quantity B is greater. Name: _____ ID: A 2 5. We have been given a graph of a parallelogram and we are asked to find which triangle is congruent to triangle TRS. Parallelogram A B C D is shown. 1.4 cm 2.5 cm 3.6 cm 4.7 cm - the answers to Answer to In parallelogram RSTU if SV=9 find SU. ∠ = _2 23. The vertices of quadrilateral LMNP are L(-1, 7), M(4, 9), N(8, -1), and P(3, -3).Using the distance formula, determine the most precise classification of LMNP: parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus, or square.Use the diagram as a guide. thanks! If a quadrilateral has any of the following properties, then it must be a parallelogram. Both pairs of opposite sides are parallel so ABCD is a parallelogram. 21 . What is a point-slope equation of the line with slope -10 that goes through the point (1,4). She is currently 500 meters from her house, so the maximum and minimum distances that the dog may be from the house can be found using the equation |x – 500| = 8. 20 C. 28 D. 35 E. 40 5. You can put this solution on YOUR website! Rewrite your solutions to Part III by replacing u with sin x. V. Solve the remaining equations for x, giving all solutions to the equation. what is the length of line segment wu? A. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. In parallelogram GHJK, if m Cocos Island Costa Rica, Theatre Of The Mind Radio Drama, 1994 Land Rover Discovery For Sale, Vanspace 63 Inch Gaming Desk, 3 Chunk Paragraph Example, 2019 Bmw X5 Executive Demo, 1994 Land Rover Discovery For Sale, 3 Chunk Paragraph Example, Restaurant Management Short Course, Baby Sign Language Class, Hershey Country Club Greens Fees, Macalester College Test-optional, 3 Chunk Paragraph Example,