Walkthrough- The game is broken into 7 parts to make the walkthrough easier for the reader (and myself) to use, since Secret of the Stars is a fairly long game by the standards of its time and even those of today. See, I have had about six or seven people join the Kustera, but I've only been playing with the first five because I can't figure how to put the others IN the party. Now take the ladder next to the bridge to find that the lava has moved to the lower level, so climb down the ladder. All trademarks, logos, and images are property of their respective rights holders. Visit the house in the southeast and check the pot to the left for 500g; the man in this house will tell you Garados is hiding out in a mine to the west…, Preparation: This place is home to some tougher monsters. Before visiting the lab where you met Dynamite, you may want to go to the antique shop and sell the TICKET for a hefty price, though you may not need the money at this point. Save your game in the southeastern house and then head over to the big blue building. Casting unity spells is also beneficial to low level parties that lack powerful physical attacks. The path will turn west and you’ll eventually come to a final switch, flip it. Word around town is that the circus has come to Decatas, so take Aqutallion over and go through the tiny door on the southeastern end of the city wall. Dan can also cast BOMB 2 or 3 when he is free to do so. Upon exiting the cave, go south and you will encounter a castle-like structure that turns out to be Ringo House. Secret of the Stars: A Final Fantasy MUX Adventure. A chest with some BREAD can be found to the east of Pad 2. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Tecmo Secret of the Stars for Super NES. Step on the tiles inside for some info and head back out. Go down the steps and you will come upon a room with an old man, a bed, a bookcase, and some machinery. Tecmo Secret Of The Stars Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Tecmo Secret Of The Stars on SNES: Maximum gold after bribe; When you reach Decatas swap for Kustera and go to Decatas without killing anything. Following the river and going south down a narrow strip of land may help you locate this shrine. David can pick up some gold and PLUM-PLUM in this area by opening the green barriers. Walk east, then south and go down the steps. References and Acknowledgements- Links to various resources that I used as references for this walkthrough and a list of those to whom I owe a debt of gratitude for accompanying me on this journey. At level 23 or greater, Leona should have enough defense to render Clay’s attacks ineffective, so this battle should be easy either way. There are four silver, box-like machines surrounding a fifth one in the center. After speaking to everyone, talk to the guy in the northern cabin again. There’s a chest with some BREAD and a switch you can push in here; push the switch and exit the room. Eventually you’ll see a chest behind a silver door that contains a ROYALSWRD (a useful weapon that gets two attacks per turn), grab it and go through the southern door. The result was Secret of the Stars, a Dragon Quest clone with a by-the-numbers plotline. Preparation: A boss waits for you in Giant, so be sure to bring some BREAD or other healing items to conserve MP needed for offensive spells. Mute: Chance to prevent target from casting spells, becomes more powerful with higher spell levels, level 3 can mute an entire group of enemies. METLSWRD- Ray (only available after the first fight with Homncruse), LASERGUN- Ray (not recommended for boss fights, but very effective against the hordes of mechanical creatures in Jeep), ICESWRD- Cody (for use with ice slash in the final battle), CURECANE- Tina (or keep it in inventory for use as an item). Expect fairly damaging rapid attacks and gas attacks that will hit the entire party (the GASMASK may come in handy here). At any rate, you should have little trouble beating this guy if you are in the mid twenties level-wise and have decent gear. Follow the hallways and go down the steps until you reach floor 3. Just head north from Likado past the volcano and you’ll see two small clusters of hills. Giant’s name is misleading, because the town itself is quite small. The shrine of Brisben waits in the center of the isle. It’s also wise to bring along some CALM HERBS to cure Dazed and Mute. You’ll see a slew of NPCs inside, but you can only talk to a few of them. slimehunter slimehunter. Then, enter the government office and talk to the woman she asks if you want her to bribe the guards. For now you can heal your party fully by entering the stone building and standing on the star glyph in the center of the room. Head east and down the steps to visit the next area. Take the MIRROR and get on the pad to the north. Heal up and make sure Tina, Ray, and Dan have full or nearly full MP. There’s not much here now, but take time to visit the houses and at least save your game. Walk south and hug the eastern coast. It’s time to go through the middle door. Eventually you will see a mountain range, a hill, and a patch of desert. Go through the gold door and follow the path until you reach a gold door with a switch nearby. It's not just the company logo running into the title, because the company logo is elsewhere on that shot and looks different from the font/typeface used in the title. Now cast FLY BY to return too Old Hill and prepare for the coming journey. A dramatic scene takes place after you beat Gara and Ash will rescue you in the nick of time. Visit the house in the southeast and check the pot to the left for 500g; the man in this house will tell you Garados is hiding out in a mine to the west…. In 1993, Tecmo decided to try their hand at the whole RPG thing. Take some time to explore Old Hill first. Be careful not to stray to far to the southwest if you are of a low level, because the enemies are quite dangerous. Now you will be able to talk to the NPCs in town and gather intel. Debuff him with SLOW, have Dan cast BOMB and REGAIN (if you have it), and let the others beat on him. Go through the middle door and head south to the room that was originally closed off. Try to bear west, towards the row of pots and check the bottom one if you manage to get to it for 300g. Go down the steps inside the ship to enter the world map. This area is not particularly dangerous, but there are a lot of poisonous creatures waiting inside. Go through the door and examine the machine. Residents mention an old well in town, which you can find past a row of trees in the northeast. Your email address will not be published. Make sure you are using Aqutallion when you try to enter the well. Walk east, then take the first path to the north and follow as it turns west to reach some stairs. You can now visit a new continent by passing through the tunnel, which is straightforward and unremarkable. The lab in Decatas will explode. Step on the tile there to get the LIGHT ORB and METLSWRD. Undead can also Daze or Mute party members, so be ready to cast the appropriate CURE spell. In 1993, Tecmo decided to try their hand at the whole RPG thing. Walk west after exiting the architect’s house. Walk south and pass the first ladder you see, then climb down the next one. You may also want to have Cody cast POWER if he is having trouble dealing damage to Dram. After going back up the stairs, head east and go down the steps, then walk south and open the chest for a MOON DROP. Yup, another maze. There isn’t much here aside from some shops that sell similar items to those found in Edon and an inn. With the Kustera, I was controlling a ninja, a samurai and a dude named Sadly, there’s no treasure here, but you can at least move forward by going down the ladder. Being about level 18 will make this fight smoother, because of all the status effects this boss throws around. Then climb down the ladder to the south, go east and climb up the next ladder to get the chest with a RAT TAIL in it. Slow: Decreases target’s defense and speed. Talk to the man in black and a fight will commence. SPDSHOES and ANGLEHATS are still a good choice for your new teammates. Hit the switch and go back to the entrance. To enter the circus, approach the man at the entrance of the big grey tent. Ray is told about the evil wizard Homncruise (yes, that's the name) who plans to conquer the world. Do not enter, it will just take you back to an area you explored already. You’ll emerge on floor 1 at the north set of steps. Success rate increases with spell level. Concentrate on defeating Leach first, because she can heal, cast FIRE, and put your heroes to sleep with COMA. The following is a list of the best gear for these tasks. Aside from looking cool, this area serves little purpose, head west until you see another cave entrance and hop in. Booth’s fortress lies just south of Alazina. Level 3 steals MP from party members. : Increases attack of the caster (Levels 1 & 2), level 3 increases attack of selected target. Check the dressers for some Plum-Plum and gold, then talk to Sonya. Just walk into one of them to board the vessel. Open it to get 1000g. There’s a number of teleport pads here, so be ready to pick your way through a maze. Get back on the boat and sail westward, you will find Amabosss sitting on a peninsula south of Castle Gara, which is enclosed in a mountain range. Otherwise you may want to keep your heroes topped off, because Dram’s attacks can knock an ally out in a couple of rounds. Secret of the Stars, known as Aqutallion in Japan, is role-playing video game released in 1993 and developed and published by Tecmo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. You can exit Jeep by flying the UFO over the metal vent and re-enter it by hovering over the cone of the volcano. Top 100 Channels For Secret Of The Stars with the Most Views. Here is how to g.., Tecmo Secret Of The Stars for the Super Nintendo Tina’s main disadvantage here is her weak attack power, but her high luck should come through with a few “sharp hits” that will pierce the boss’s defenses. Sail towards Shark’s house and you’ll see the entrance to a bay with a green spot in it (the water is a lighter blue as well) just before you reach Shark’s home. The Metal armor is the strongest … The rudiments of gameplay are also not explained in this guide for the sake of brevity and players having difficulty understanding how to perform basic actions within the game are encouraged to consult the instruction manual or another guide.Thanks for using this guide and enjoy Secret of the Stars! Stat- allows player to view status of inactive Kustera characters. If there wasn’t much to see in Sleepers, there’s nothing to see here. The house in the northeast has a bed in it that you can rest in. You can go back to Old Hill and check out the warehouse if you like or push onward. Garados will also cast EVADE 3, which causes daze status (this will make allies attack each other) and MUTE, which can prevent you from casting spells. You’ll see Badbad sitting on a throne by a bed. Follow the path through the trees west and you’ll see another wide open trail that leads straight to the south, go down it and you’ll find yourself in the northwestern quadrant of the maze. Talk to Booth when you are ready. Step: Nullifies terrain based damage from lava and snow. Visit the weapon shop and pick up some SPEARS or a VULCANGUN if you don’t have anything better. : Chance to resurrect a fallen ally in battle. Go down the steps to reach floor 2, then take the steps to the south to get to the first floor. Bad Men can drop Dagger, immediately replace and trash the Knife Kathy and Beth will join Kustera as an added bonus. Then visit the house directly to the south of the place where you voted and talk to the bald man, who will give you a circus ticket. There are also a few shrines that can be cleared later on, but I suggest exploring all of them now in order to not only obtain important story items early, but stock up on the useful items contained in the shrines. Ray (or whatever you named the main character) wakes up here and can return to use the bed to heal up when needed. Landmine also provided me with expert advice regarding many facets of this game’s inner workings. The Walkthrough- A full guide to the game including step by step instructions for dungeons and boss fights. A few paces north of the steps you’ll find water, go west from here to find a chest with a RAT TAIL in it. Return to the exterior and enter the tower in the northeast. You won't be coming through enough to really make this useful. Use the GRAVITON in your inventory right away to turn Golan into Golan Jr., who is a more manageable version of the boss. Once again, there’s a dungeon here for Kustera to explore by stepping on the silver tile. Eventually you’ll come to a town by the sea named Box Town. Step on the tile to proceed. You may also want to pick up some new weapons, particularly WARHAMMERS. Go around the pool of water and walk down the steps on the other side. This dungeon is rather nonlinear and difficult to break into sections as a result. If you think you are an expert then please try to help others with their questions. There isn’t much to do here, but feel free to explore anyway. If you encounter a useable item and do not know its purpose, you can always have it appraised in Decatas. Even shrunk down to a baby, Golan packs a punch (he dealt roughly 25 damage to Ray and Tina at level 13 when I fought him) and resists physical attacks, so magic is your best bet. Take down the gold barrier and step on the tile, then go through the door. Life: Chance to resurrect a fallen ally in battle. Go down the steps to enter the lab. Now go back to Homncruse’s Lair. Climb the series of ladders and you’ll reach a cave. Gather Kustera and Aqutallion at Beegees and take the stairs in the southwestern house to enter a cave that leads to Ringo House. Unity Magic may appear slightly underwhelming at first glance, but it’s often very efficient (with some exceptions). Exit the Algos by going down the steps and walk north. About level 15 or 16 should be enough to get your new teammates off to a good start.
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