BibTeX @TECHREPORT{Kachru_towardsinflation, author = {Shamit Kachru and B Renata Kallosh and A Andrei Linde and Juan Maldacena C and Liam Mcallister and Ip P. Trivedi D}, title = {Towards inflation in string theory}, institution = {On D3-brane Potentials in Compactifications with Fluxes and Wrapped D-Branes,” JHEP 0611 (2006) 031 [arXiv:hep-th/0607050}, year = {}} We abstract the essential features of holographic dimer models, and develop several new applications of these models. Observational signatures and nonGaussianities of general single field inflation,” arXiv:hep-th/0605045 . @INPROCEEDINGS{Kachru_sequesteringin, author = {Shamit Kachru and A Liam Mcallister and Raman Sundrum C}, title = {Sequestering in string theory}, booktitle = {JHEP 0710 (2007) 013 [arXiv:hep-th/0703105}, year = {}} Share. Median position in authors list is 2,0. Abstract. Sarah Harrison, Shamit Kachru and Natalie M. Paquette SITP, Department of Physics and Theory Group, SLAC Stanford University Stanford, CA 94305, USA,, Abstract Conformal eld theories with (0,4) worldsheet supersymmetry and K3 target can be used to compactify the E8 E8 heterotic string to six dimensions in a supersymmetric … D}, year = {2002}, pages = {106006}} Share. Articles Cited by. String Theory Quantum Field Theory Theoretical Biology. arXiv:hep-th/0205108v2 20 May 2002 hep-th/0205108 SU-ITP-02/16 SLAC-PUB-9205 TIFR-TH/02-17 Supersymmetry Changing Bubbles in String Theory Shamit Kachru a1, Xiao Liu 2, Michael Schulz 3 and Sandip P. Trivedi b4 aDepartment of Physics and SLAC, Stanford University Stanford, CA 94305/94309, USA bTata Institute of Fundamental Research Homi Bhabha Road, Mumbai 400 005, INDIA We give … 81 co-authors, from 1 to 5 common article(s). See the history of this page for a list of all contributions to it. Whitespace-separated words are treated as ANDed. We study a 2+1 dimensional theory of bosons and fermions with an ω ∝ k2 dispersion relation. Shamit Kachru (born 1970) is a theoretical physicist, a professor of physics at Stanford University, the Wells Family Director of the Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics, and the Stanford Physics Department Chair. We present a nonsupersymmetric orbifold of type II string theory and show that it has vanishing cosmological constant at the one and two loop level. CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): We investigate the embedding of brane inflation into stable compactifications of string theory. Show articles per page in mode Kachru, Shamit. Verified email at . Abstract. The talk is based on arXiv : 1507.00004, as well as work High Energy Theory - Shamit Kachru, Stanford University - "Comments on chiral CFTs and gravity" | Department of Physics Jump to main content The most general interactions consistent with specific symmetries impart fractional statistics to the fermions. OpenURL . Shamit Kachru's 174 research works with 19,092 citations and 3,096 reads, including: Flux Modularity, F-Theory, and Rational Models Shamit Kachru. In these lectures, two different aspects of brane world scenarios in 5d gravity or string theory are discussed. Shamit Kachru (born 1970) is a theoretical physicist, a professor of physics at Stanford University, the Wells Family Director of the Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics, and the Stanford Physics Department Chair.. Career. By A. Liam Fitzpatrick, Shamit Kachru, Jared Kaplan, Emanuel Katz and Jay G. Wacker. Sort by citations Sort by year Sort by title. He died on 29 July 2016. OpenURL . It has been argued that rather generic features of string-inspired inflationary theories with low-energy supersymmetry (SUSY) make it difficult to achieve inflation with a Hubble scale H > m 3/2, where m 3/2 is the gravitino mass in the SUSY-breaking vacuum state. By Xingang Chen, Min-xin Huang, Shamit Kachru and Gary Shiu. CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Via the AdS/CFT correspondence, ground states of field theories at finite charge density are mapped to extremal black brane solutions. > astro-ph; recent; find; SAI VO; Search sort results by Use logical operators AND, OR, NOT and round brackets to construct complex queries. Year; De Sitter vacua in string theory. Scholar and educationist. Sort. The string theory landscape or landscape of vacua refers to the collection of possible false vacua in string theory, together comprising a collective "landscape" of choices of parameters governing compactifications.. Alexander Giryavets's 6 research works with 869 citations and 114 reads, including: Domain walls, near-BPS bubbles, and probabilities in the landscape Physical Review D 68 (4), 046005, 2003. Shamit Kachru, Arnav Tripathy, Max Zimet, K3 metrics (arXiv:2006.02435) Arnav Tripathy, Max Zimet, A plethora of K3 metrics (arXiv:2010.12581) category: people. Klebanov (Princeton) and L. McAllister (Cornell) (and many earlier works...) It is an idea going back to Guth that to explain the horizon and flatness problems of cosmology, a period of early universe inflation ds2 = ! Kachru ist der Sohn des Professors an der University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Braj Kachru und hat indische Ursprünge.Er studierte Physik an der Harvard … CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Generic classes of string compactifications include “brane throats ” emanating from the compact dimensions and separated by effective potential barriers raised by the background gravitational fields. Abstract. The term "landscape" comes from the notion of a fitness landscape in evolutionary biology. Shamit Kachru (Stanford and SLAC) Based on arXiv:0808.2811 with D. Baumann (Harvard), A. Dymarsky (Stanford), I.R. Title. Normalized to: Kachru, S. 16 article(s) in total. Shamit Kachru (* 13.Juli 1970 in Champaign) ist ein US-amerikanischer Physiker, der sich mit Elementarteilchenphysik, Quantenfeldtheorie (auch in der theoretischen Festkörperphysik) und Stringtheorie beschäftigt.. Leben. Our Special Topics analysis of supersymmetry research over the past decade, the work of Dr. S Kachru, R Kallosh, A Linde, SP Trivedi. Wells Family Director, Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics. We perform a general study of primordial scalar non-Gaussianities in single field inflationary models. Studies of simple gravity + matter systems in this context have uncovered wide new classes of extremal geometries. Kachru initiated, shaped and defined the field of World Englishes. Their son, Shamit Kachru, is a string theorist and professor at Stanford University. @ARTICLE{Kachru02lectureson, author = {Shamit Kachru}, title = {Lectures on warped compactifications and stringy brane constructions,” arXiv:hep-th/0009247}, journal = {Rev. At first sight a warped compactification geometry seems to produce a naturally flat inflaton potential, evading one well-known difficulty of brane-antibrane scenarios. Cited by. Abstract. Cited by. Last revised on October 27, 2020 at 03:57:24. Shamit Kachru. The interaction of observers inside different throats occurs via tunnelling and is consequently weak. Career. He researched in the fields of World Englishes and Kashmiri language and published several books and research papers related to the field.
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