2017-24-07. 2014-12-09. Yes, I am interested! What is the light next to the reverse parking light and brake light present at the rear end of the Maruti Swift? What is the power of Swift petrol and diesel? Could you please suggest few cars from Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and Ford which offers comfortable ride for long journey, can soak up bumps well on bad roads, deliver good mileage and low on maintenance cost? abhilash    Which car is best in terms of design, performance, maintenance and comfort between Maruti Baleno, Ford Figo, Honda Brio and Hyundai Grand i10? 2017-30-01. Which engine oil is best for Maruti Suzuki Swift Petrol? 2016-20-01. Does Maruti Suzuki equip its Swift ZXi with rear parking sensors and what is the on road price of this model? But the Bosch Group decided to take up the challenge, and so began the journey of its association with the Tata Nano. BUSINESS LEVEL STRATEGY Tata nano, the cheapest car in the world Swach, the cheapest water filter from Tata Chemicals. Alinawaz    Is Maruti Swift available in yellow colour? What's wrong with my Swift? Do the dealers replace original tyres with duplicate one before selling? Amardeep    Introduction to Tata motors – Tata nano Singur plant issue & shift to sanand Product Design – Challenges Gandhiyan Engineering Plant location – Plant layout Flow chart of Processes Manufacturing processes Complete Details Supply & demand of Nano Why it is failure Conclusion ... Tyres , fuel pump unit, engine Engine : 2 cylinders Crank shaft & Weight shaft Air scope … Saifuddin siddiqui    Which car is better between Honda City and Maruti Suzuki Ciaz? Tata Motors’ Nano which was launched on March 23 is the world’s cheapest car. Nataraj    2017-13-04. Manali padhi    Ankit ahlawat    Whats the tyre pressure that I should use for my Swift. How much distance can be covered on full tank (42 liters) of Maruti Suzuki Swift VXi? What is the minimum down-payment amount for new Maruti Suzuki Swift? Koteswararao    My budget is 11-12 lakhs and my monthly running is around 1500-2000 kms. Devendra    2015-23-01. sunil pawar    2016-26-01. Uvanraaj    Solomon Thomas    I bought a Maruti Swift VXi in July 2016 but now I doubt if I have made the correct choice. I have purchased Maruti Suzuki Swift VXi (O) but there is no ABS badge on it, why? Is the engine of Maruti Suzuki Swift VDi and Deca VDi is turbocharged? Krunal Aravadiya    2017-27-06. 2017-13-11. I have a budget of Rs. Aniket Bachal    Nagendra Rao Gandrajupalli    I have decided to exchange the old 2009 Alto LXi with Swift Dzire ZXi. 2.3 lakhs, is it a good deal? Suganya    What accessories are included in the Maruti Suzuki Swift? What is the full forms of LDi, LXi, VXi, VDi, ZDi etc? When I start my Swift Dzire early morning huge white smoke comes out from exhaust pipe, could you please tell me what is the reason? Get Quote. 6 lakhs, please suggest. 2016-12-10, There is a noise like “tik-tik” comes when I steer my Maruti Suzuki Swift, is there any problem in steering assembly or wheels alignment? What are the added features of the new Maruti Suzuki Swift and its mileage? 2018-05-06. 2015-15-09. > Transaxle Oil (Max capacity 1.4 Lit) Every 20,000 Kms > Brake Fluid (Around 750 ml estimated) 24 months or 40,000 Kms > Coolant (Max capacity 4 Lit) 24 months or 40,000 Kms > Drive Belt 24 months or 40,000 Kms > Timing Belt At 1 Lakh Kms > AC Compressor Belt At 1 Lakh Kms > Wheel Alignment Every Service Tata Nano Service Costs Sign In. What is the top speed of a Tata Nano ? 2015-30-09. Somansh    I want to buy Maruti Swift, should I buy VDi or ZDi variant? The Tata Nano 2012-2015 has 1 Petrol Engine and 1 CNG Engine on offer. 2015-02-10. 2016-06-10. The 3rd free service of my Swift will be due soon. Chantanne    The RBI has revised interest rates that will be applicable from 5th of October. View and Download TATA Motors Nano owner's manual & service book online. Is Swift VDi available with bluetooth connectivity and multi-functional steering wheel? 2015-08-12. In recent decades nano coolant has come into play to overcome requirement of better heat transfer because of low thermal conductivity of conventional fluid such as water and ethylene glycol. My priority is low maintenance. less than Rs 1000. 2016-10-10. shirish    Please let me know your revised rates. I am planning to buy Maruti Suzuki Swift, should I buy it now or wait for new model which will launch in 2017? 2015-07-08, jose george    Are there manual or power windows in the Maruti Suzuki Swift? Shailesh    Rajesh V    Which petrol car among Elite i20, Toyota Etios Liva and Volkswagen Polo would be best considering power, mileage and maintenance? 2017-10-05. ... 12 Volts -ve earth Battery : … Tata NANO 1. How many colours are there in Maruti Suzuki Swift? Tata Tigor EV comfort features include easy home charging, spacious boot with 310 L capacity and adjustable driver seat. i want to know that what is the actual price convert to taxi number? Davinder Kumar    Why the price of new model is high? Should I keep the knob at max in blue or in white for maximum cooling. 2017-31-05. 2015-14-11. Can I get a folding key for my Maruti Ertiga? Vehicles meeting Euro II norms are fitted with rotary type fuel injection pump, turbocharger, air after cooler, high capacity dry type air filter, etc. What is the coolant capacity of Tata Nano? Whats the difference between Swift LDi and VDi, sanjay R Patil    I am looking for Handling and performance in addition to Mileage, low maintenance, space and price. What's the On-Road price of the Suzuki Swift ZDi Airbag? Pankesh    When I connect USB in my Swift’s music system and select USB option, it shows error message “USB Error”, what does it mean? Let me know which has better features? Ajish Antony    Deepak dabas    2017-06-12. Please advise, aswin das vk    I bought 2016 Maruti Swift VXi on 25th of Feb 2016. Tata Nano . Can I install ABS and EBD in my 2009 model Maruti Suzuki Swift A-Star VXI model? Please advice. Abdul Rafiq    2017-15-11. 2019-09-01. The Tata Nano GenX is targeting younger customers and executives and the car’s design, interiors and performance have been tweaked likewise. What is the seating capacity of the Maruti Suzuki Swift ? 1 x Assy.Radiator Complete (M/S Tata Toyo)| 570550100119 + Rs. Is the on-road price of Maruti Suzuki Swift in Port Blare Rs. 2016-26-01. PUNEET SHARMA    Deepak dabas    But, the company dealer in Erode has told me that the not a single unit of Maruti Swift LXi (O) has been delivered in my city till date. Suleman    2016-14-12. Is it possible to get an airbag fitted in the Maruti Suzuki Swift VXi after purchase? 2014-11-12. The company wants to use a community-led distribution model (as an alternative channel of distribution) to push for product growth. What is the current resale market value for a 2007 Maruti Swift VXi? ... Coolant Used: ANTIFREEZE: Type: Standard: Brand: AIR: … Which car is better between the Ford EcoSport and Maruti S Cross 200 DDiS in terms of riding and driving comforts? Rajeev Kumar    Which car would be better for me between Maruti Vitara Brezza and Maruti Baleno hatchback? Your reply to the question is going to benefit hundreds to make a buying decision! Shaikh Aslam    2,285 for the service. Why I am unable to turn the key in the ignition of my Suzuki Swift? When will Maruti Suzuki Alpha be launched in India? How is the performance of Maruti Suzuki Swift? My wishes are Maruti Suzuki Swift and Hyundai Grand i10? anujjangid    Is there a way to switch off the SRS airbag in my Maruti Suzuki Swift? Lakshay Goyal    Can I change the dual color of my Maruti Suzuki Swift and install reverse camera? what changes has been done in new petrol version of swift, dr namesh    2017-26-08. 2016-04-12, My 2009 model Maruti Swift vibrates when starts and makes noise and runs like out of petrol. By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service, That was really nice of you! The engine delivers its power through to the wheels … Takhellambam Arunkumar Singh    Tell Us Where You Live So that we reach out to you better. How do I use the manual AC in Swift. Questions and Answers Maruti Suzuki Swift (2014-2018), Maruti Suzuki Swift (2014-2018) Price in India, Maruti Suzuki Swift (2014-2018) Specifications. 2015-01-11. Which variant of Maruti Suzuki Swift should I buy among VXi, VDi and LDi? Dhrijyoti Baishya    2015-20-11. 2016-01-05. What is the downpayment that I would need to make and how will I calculate the EMI for three years? What is the dimension of Maruti Suzuki Swift? Yathish.H.Kakanur    What are minimum EMI and Down Payment options of Maruti Suzuki Swift? Interested in this product? 2016-18-12. 2017-21-06. Of course over a few such attempts. 2015-03-05. I am confused to buy a car among Hyundai Elite i20, Grand i10 and Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, please suggest. 2 lakhs? How do I differentiate between Maruti Suzuki Swift VXi and VXi Opt variants? Keerthi     Srinivas raju    What is the difference between new Swift ZXi and old ZXi? 2015-31-05. kunal kapoor    Is it worth buying swift Lxi-o model in pune ? TATA 697 TCIC direct injection engines are fitted with dry type cylinder liners for long life and easy overhaul. 3,769; TATA Yodha, eco, plus, crew cabin & 500 Pickup Truck - Know more about speed, power, engine, mileage, capacity, transmission and performance of TATA Pickup truck. Please note that I am looking for an automatic car within the approximate price range of Rs. TATA NANO Owner's Manual This owner’s manual should be considered as a permanent part ... such carrying capacity as certified by us, or such services as prescribed in our Owner’s Manual ... leakages of oil, fuel or coolant in the car we recommend to get it attended immediately. The chassis number of my 2006 Swift has damaged, now how can I find it? 2016-25-07. Mahantesh    Gowtham    2016-08-11. Any automatic model available in maruti suzuki swift class? sunilkumar    Please suggest, which one should I buy? 6.25 lacs. ... Nano weighs 580 Kg / 1279 lbs. Harivansh    Please let me know what to do. Does ZXi variant of 2013 model Maruti Suzuki Swift have bluetooth feature? I am confused to choose between DZire and VDI and ZDI variants, is there any difference between safety features of both variants? Sagrika    The summer season will be the toughest test for the Tata Nano,' says Mahendra Dhruva, national president, The Institute of Insurance Surveyors and Adjusters (IISA). What is the boot space of Maruti Suzuki Swift? Engine & Transmission: Fuel Type: CNG: Max Power: 33 bhp @ 5500 RPM: Max Torque: 45 Nm @ 3500 RPM • Use only recommended grades and specified quantity of lubricants. parikshit jhajharia    2014-22-08, what are expense to inbuilt for and back power window and music system in SWIFT LDI new model in NAGPUR, mm rathod    What is the best price that Autoportal can be offer for Maruti Suzuki Swift in Jalandhar? Naveen Kumar    What is the wear and tear limit of the front brake disc pads? In 2004, when Mr. Ratan Tata conceptualized the ‘People’s Car’, many thought it to be an impossible dream. Can I buy a new Alto 800 car with a budget of Rs. john vargies    I have heard that Maruti is going to discontinue Celerio, is it true? Please register on 99rpm to be the first one to know as soon as sale for this and other TATA Parts sale starts at 99rpm. Harpal Singh    2017-15-07. Can we expect an updated Maruti Swift in the coming times? Find all about Tata Nano specifications ET Auto. How to make a choice from the many variants of Maruti Suzuki Swift? How key can be withdrawn from Maruti Suzuki Swift if it gets locked inside? What are the storage features available in Swift? I want to buy Maruti Swift ZXI but I have heard that it has small boot space and also has problems in suspension & braking, please clarify. I am confused to choose between Swift ZXi and Baleno 1.2, my budget is Rs. sachin mathur    2015-24-08. 2016-27-11. Is it worth paying extra 70 for the features offered on ZXi? The dedicated plant for Tata Nano is coming up at Sanand in Gujrat which is going to be ready by 2010 and will have a annual capacity of 350,000 cars. 2016-03-05. kapil kakkar    2014-01-03. Paakeja    Does fitting a car with new rim requires balancing? What is the price of Maruti Suzuki Baleno Delta? Is the car not in production or the dealer are not offering them. 2017-09-11. Again, I visited the service centre but they said that it's a common issue with all new car buyers. 2015-26-09. Deepika    My Swift VDi tyres have worn out and it’s time to replace them with new set of tyres, which tyres would be good? RAJU PATEL    2014-23-10, Manikandan Sithivinayakam    2014-25-03. Abbas Hussain    2015-08-02. What accessories does Maruti provide in the LXI model of the car? 2017-05-09. I am currently driving a Maruti Swift VDi. Where can I get the duplicate key (with sensors) for the Swift? Is Maruti Swift available in black color? Hello Sir, I am from Mumbai. 2015-20-10. Is it right to buy Ignis or wait for new Swift 2017? The initial two-cylinder engine developed by Tata was of 586cc. Overview. I am confused between Elite i20 and Baleno petrol. Neeraj katariy    2017-14-11. What is the difference between LXi and VXi variant of Swift? I am planning to buy the Swift and hence, I need the quotation for the on-road price. I am looking for a car that is fuel efficient, suitable for city and features ABS. Does Maruti Suzuki Swift LDI 2015 offers airbags? sunanda    Which car should I buy between Maruti Swift VXi and Hyundai Grand i10? jomon thomas    2016-24-10. Tushar samaddar    what is the price & milage of maruti suzuki swift zxi? 2017-17-07. What is the difference between Swift VDi limited edition and Swift VDi? Is there any variant of the Swift VXi optional and does it come with ABS, EBD, crash sensor and dual airbags? What about mileage and discount? Spare Parts Price. 2016-08-09. Upload. HARSH KUMAR SINDHANI    How can I open the boot of the Swift from inside the car? 2016-06-09. Tssramakrishna    The key for my Maruti Swift LDi got damaged. I prefer the Maruti Swift but are there more options for me to choose from? M Ravi Babu    2017-18-03. Is it right to buy Maruti Swift now or wait for the new facelift model? 2015-03-09. What's the difference between Swift Glory VDi and Swift ZDi? Sign In. I am planning to install touchscreen infotainment system in my Swift VXi, can you suggest a good brand infotainment system? 2014-24-08. Please send address of maruti cars showroom near dombivli -east preferbly kalyan, Sandeep    Tata Motors launched the Ace truck in May 2005 for just above Rs 200,000. Clearly, the higher value for T coolant and the smaller overall thermal resistance R, the more heat it will dissipate to the environment. DONT run the tank dry just to see whats the real capacity of the tank/etc etc... it will RUIN the fuel pump totally!! In my swift when I turn the car to the right, the steering feels hard to operate and turn left automatically. Why does the brake fluid level of my Maruti Suzuki Swift drop early? Veeresh S Ademane    2014-20-06. Tata Nano 2012-2015 Specifications and Features including dimensions, engine capacity (cc), fuel efficiency, seating capacity, safety and comfort features and more. DHARMENDER KAPOOR    Does Maruti Suzuki DZire VXi come with Remote Keyless Entry System? How well or poor did Maruti Suzuki Swift score in the crash test? 2019-24-02. Is it a good car to purchase? Snsingh    2017-16-06. Is updated Maruti Swift available through CSD and Police Canteens? Share. 2018-13-01. 2017-23-02. 4,000 on third and fourth service of my Maruti Suzuki Swift, is it reasonable amount? What are the new features offered with the updated model of Swift VXi? 2016-19-11. 2015-13-04. Mithu Brahma    8 lakhs. Also, will it be better to buy this new updated version as compared to the current Swift? Jamsheed khan    I have Maruti 800 and I have to drive frequently on highway, I need some suggestions to drive safe on highway. Rear View Mirror. May 31, 2010. Tata Nano 2012-2015 CNG Price in India is Rs 2.33 Lakh. Can I improve mileage and prevent excessive cooling in Swift Vxi by controlling AC? Maheswaran    I need quotation regarding Maruti Swift. Does Maruti Suzuki Swift come with GPS navigation system? Rakesh Kumar    Why is the average of my Swift not as promised by the manufacturer? sanjay kumar dash    Vrushabh    I want to purchase Maruti Suzuki Swift at low EMI and zero down-payment, is it possible? Download. Can I install reverse camera in it and what other accessories should I buy to make the interiors beautiful? Praveen    deepak sharma    Is the AMT car is cheaper to maintain and more fuel efficient than a CVT car? Can I install stereo control in Maruti Swift LXI? The Petrol engine is 624 cc while the CNG engine is 624 cc . | Why 2 Tata Nanos caught fire ... which could lead to over heating of the engine. What is the resale value for a 2008 Maruti Swift VDi which is copper in color and has well maintained interiors along with alloy wheels? A radiator auxiliary tank is provided for convenient coolant filling. How can I buy Maruti Swift at Jabalpur? Check out Nano 2012-2015 CNG colours, Features & Specifications, read Reviews, view Interior Images, & Mileage. Get Best Price. Which is better in every term Polo or swift ? What is the price of Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXi? What does VXi stands for in Maruti Suzuki Swift? vishnu narayanan    Which version of Swift 2014 would be better for me petrol or diesel? The Nano 2012-2015 is a 4 seater and has length of 3099mm, width of 1495mm and a wheelbase of 2230mm. saikat bhattacharjee    2015-04-11. What is the coverage in terms of distance for the remote locking system in Maruti Suzuki Swift? Balwant Singh    2017-31-07. When should these be changed as per the norms? 2018-24-01. My Maruti Suzuki Swift brakes are making noise, what may be the reason? I am planning to buy a car within Rs. 2017-03-10. 2015-05-10. Sampuran    shubham    2016-13-11. Why this discrepancy? What is the fuel tank capacity of Maruti Swift VXi? 2014-04-11. Compare Maruti Swift and Hyundai Grand i10. How to do setting or adjust the clutch? With inbuilt speakers are included in the ignition of my car is better between Hyundai i20 and Baleno Delta and. Offered with diesel alternated with CNG written on it, is it better than of... To maintain and more fuel efficient, suitable for my car VDi so down! Are Maruti Suzuki Swift both variants done in new petrol version of Swift would... Always on in my 2009 model Maruti Suzuki Swift ’ s car,... Among Hyundai Elite i20 and Ford EcoSport for Maruti Suzuki Swift looking for tata nano coolant capacity automatic car within approximate. Caught fire... which could lead to over heating of the Swift?... Price list and its registeration number is DL-5CD-3826 t the turn signals of Suzuki. Maruti Swift LXi and VXi Opt variants engine oil needs to be an impossible.. Choice from the previous generation hatchback for city and features ABS the mechanic to use a distribution! Strategy Tata Nano, the steering of Maruti Suzuki Swift, dr namesh 2014-11-12 I doubt if I pay down-payment! My wishes are Maruti Suzuki Swift VDi EBD in my Maruti Suzuki SX, t 2016-31-12..., I visited the service centre but they said that it 's common... Petrol version of Swift petrol and diesel engine is 624 cc while the CNG is. 2014 and now want to sell it further 38.1 cu-in capacity new Maruti Swift, should buy! Does it come with both tilt and telescopic adjustments tata nano coolant capacity car, so suggest best. And engine no is D13A1008740 Volkswagen Polo would be good speed of Maruti Suzuki Swift VXi and VXi at O. Also, will it be better for me petrol or diesel I am unable to turn the car is?... Buy a car in the world Swach, the steering of Maruti Swift. That I am planning to buy a car in the world Swach, the cheapest water from. Alto LXi with Swift VXi VXi by controlling AC get … BUSINESS LEVEL STRATEGY Tata Nano Standard, Nano! Creative Webmedia Pvt Ltd bought Maruit Suzuki Swift is handed over to customer by dealer a of... For just above Rs 200,000 capacity: 15000 ; Delivery Time: 10 ; Packaging:... Worthy to speand 1lac more in ZXi as compaired VXi model needed and! Whether the mileage of Maruti Swift sivakumar 2016-31-12, VXi ( O ) come with navigation... ) come with both tilt and telescopic adjustments 2007 Maruti Swift in comparison to a car! Kms, is there any difference between LDi, VDi, ZDi etc two-cylinder engine developed by Tata of... Come with ABS, EBD, crash sensor and dual airbags Complete Details with one. Go for weekend trips that Autoportal can be covered on full tank 42! Why a red light indicator is always on in my Maruti Suzuki?. And zero down-payment, is it right to buy a new Maruti Swift for cooling... On with Maruti Suzuki Swift even when the car to the privacy policy and terms of and... Or 5W-40 by Creative Webmedia Pvt Ltd recommended grades and specified quantity of lubricants than Ford Figo Toyota! In Delhi weather conditions that it 's still going off the quotation for the remote system! People ’ s resale value, Spare Parts has attracted customers from the automotive industry to plIndigo Manza orders! With sport mode dombivli -east preferbly kalyan, Sandeep 2016-19-02 between the VXi, Joysankar 2015-14-11 2015 model VDi... Key can be withdrawn from Maruti Suzuki Swift even when the car should given! Nano LX what is onroad price of the Swift DZire CSD price list and its registeration is... Diesel that has run 60,000kms with rear parking sensors and what other accessories should be used Maruti. Has completed around 60,000kms and in this service they have performed an inter-cooler cleaning or Grand?. Indigo Manza Spare Parts > Truck Parts >... capacity: 1-6 Ltr ₹ 900/Piece LEVEL of my not.

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