Understanding their Requirements & Behavior is important in order to keep these fish. Species Type: African Cichlids, Lake Malawi. Keep up with a daily feed schedule to keep your fish healthy. google_ad_width=120; These fish make great parents, in order to make things even easier. Its very necessary to choose right tank mates for your jaguar cichlid. Ram cichlids are very popular in aquarium practice. All this is necessary. This means that there are far too many species of fish to avoid when choosing tank mates for your African Cichlids. African Cichlid Tank Mates. Spiny rays stretch from the body to support the fins. The relatively conservative policy is still 70 gallons. Then she will find a cave or flat rock to lay them down. Water is generally very warm and quite neutral. Here is a scientific classification of Jaguar Cichlids: Jaguar Cichlid’s average life span is roughly 13 to 15 years. Good tank mates for cichlids are fish that prefer the bottom or sides of the tank, out of the cichlids' way. They are also known as Managuense cichlids or Aztec cichlids. With aggressive fish, it is your job to recognize and separate every temperament which is too feisty to live together in each specimen. Lake Malawi Cichlid species come in a wide variety of colours. A huge tank ensures that both fish have a space for themselves. These fish are indeed able to survive up to 97 degrees in temperatures! Due to the aggressive nature of these fish, there are specific types of tankmates that should be avoided. The African peacock is a Lake Malawi cichlid, and they tend to prefer alkaline water with a stable pH level. Diet / Foods : A steady diet of algae type foods such as spirulina, algae wafers and you can try nori on a veggie clip. Only common diseases that affect all freshwater fish do you need to worry about. Non-aggressive Species Larger than Your Cichlid’s Mouth- There are a number of species that can hold their own in an aquarium with a Cichlid. Those black patches will sometimes look like large jaguar spots. If your bonded pair is shared with other fish in a tank, be careful about their behaviour. Ich in these type of fishes will cause them stress. You can provide baby brine shrimps for food at that point. By buying a pair that has been bonded, the easiest way to do that is. I sometimes use Affiliate links & Advertisements in my content. Cichlid’s not hard to breed Jaguar. You may notice the fish on this list are a little biased toward companions for African cichlids, but this is so because they are the harder ones to companion. Feb 26, 2013 - Fish guide for Electric Blue Johanni, Melanochromis johannii profile with fish pictures, description and information, cichlid care, diet, habitat and fish diseases, Johanni Cichlid breeding, tank mates and compatibility and keeping the Blue Johanni aquarium, Bluegray Mbuna, Blue Mbuna Tank mates can include cichlids such as the Cobalt Zebra, Red Empress, African Butterfly Peacock Aulonocara jacobfreibergi, Electric Yellow Labidochromis caeruleus, Kenyi, and the Lemon Cichlid Neolamprologus leleupi. However, you must be extra careful. google_color_link="000000"; Jaguar cichlid’s doesn’t have short and stubby fins like the other cichlids. google_color_bg="FF882A"; Bonded pairs can do just fine and live happy lives together. Try to maintain the majority of decorations on the tank’s perimeter. The anal fin is also very prominent, particularly in males. Hillstream loach: Complete care and guide- [2020], Jewel cichlid: Care, Tank-mates and Breeding- 2020. On this page, ... Will do well with these tank mates: The aggressive ones should be kept with other aggressive Lake Malawi Cichlids. google_color_border="FF882A"; Males, in general, are also noticeably larger than females. The Electric Blue Johanni Melanochromis johannii (previously Pseudotropheus johannii) is a real beauty that offers pizzazz to the African cichlid aquarium. The eggs need 5 to 7 days to hatch. Provide plenty of quality living food and your fish will be ready for breeding in no time. You see, their jaws can outgrow as much as 90% of the length of their mouths! Once the black bands have gone away, bigger black splotches will appear. As long as you check the quality of your water on a regular basis and provide a comfortable environment, you should not have any problems. Bonded pairs can just do the right thing and live happy lives together. There are few things you should take care of. Males have dorsal and anal fins extending to a nice point. We believe that the ideal tank size of Jaguar Cichlid is somewhere between 100 and 125 gallons. Fortunately, you have no problems specific to this species to worry about. google_color_border="FF882A"; Convict cichlids will eat smaller fish that stray too close, so guppies, small tetras,small rasboras like chili or dwarf are not suitable. Electric Blue Acara: care, size and tank mates- 2020. If you really want to have another fish next to your jaguar cichlid, then it’s best to add another jaguar cichlid. Your email address will not be published. You can offer a few nice hiding places. Signs of aggression can be shown every time, even tied pairs. Tank Region: All over. They are hard fish which will remain healthy under the right waters. Glass Catfish: care, feeding and tank mates- [2020]. In the wild, these fish can be 2 feet long. However, Jaguar cichlid’s lifespan depends on the living condition aswell! google_color_url="FFD75F"; But they are going to get out of it quickly.