In a world of multi-tools and app stores, consider the elegance of a well-made pocket knife, a simple wallet, a carabiner, a ball cap, or even a humble pencil. Once the caliber 3132 is cased in a final Explorer watch, the entire package must be internally certified to run within -2/+2 seconds per day (much more stringent than standard COSC). Now that I’ve established the personal story behind the watch, I can move into another great aspect of watch enthusiasm: history. As far as dial variations go, they're very similar to those of the 6204, except for this "clean dial" which is unique to this reference. This is it: The very first watch to say "Submariner" on the dial. My daily watch is a last-generation Explorer II 16570, and with that perspective I wanted to see where it all began and where we find the Explorer today, in a world crazy for steel Rolex. The dial is a rich black and the updated handset offers a proportionally appropriate fit for the larger case sizing. With that said, today we’ll have a head-to-head comparison of two of the most popular models that Rolex has to offer, the Rolex Explorer vs Datejust. From the beginning the movement ran at 2.75 Hz (19,800 vph) and had an instantly jumping calendar wheel, but in 1972 the movement would get an upgrade in the form of hacking seconds, letting you set the watch more precisely. No-date and sporty is not a format commonly found from Grand Seiko, but the 42mm SBGR301 is something of an outlier and an interesting foil to the concept of the Explorer. All of the lume is Rolex's proprietary Chromalight and it glows blue when things get dark. 2) With few exceptions, collectors want their watches to be all original or at least period correct. In-Depth A Brief History Of Modern Rolex Balance Springs. Prior to the 1950s, Rolex was making mostly watches that today we'd describe as dress watches or all-purpose watches of one kind or another. This might seem like common sense; however, there are nine different 5513 matte dials produced between 1966 and 1984, and because the same 1520 movement was used, it's not uncommon to find a dial from the late 70s having replaced the original dial from a watch from the mid '60s. This return to lumed markers is the first time since 1989 (when the 1016 was phased out) that the Explorer offered luminous execution for all of its hour markers. There were also Explorer dial 5512s produced around the same time as these watches, and, curiously, most seemed to have been made for the UK market. There are also slim luminous batons at the other hours (instead of dots) and the dial text is all reduced in size a bit to give the luminous numerals room to breathe. The Explorer II features a date display, an additional orange 24-hour hand and a fixed bezel with 24-hour graduations, enabling day to be distinguished from night. 6204 Submariner all debuted. For instance, the GMT Master reference 1675 is known for the caliber 1575, acrylic crystal, and matte dial. The bracelet is a classic Rolex Oyster. The lume plots are the larger "maxi" size and we've reached an era where the tritium lume generally ages to a lighter pale yellow color instead of a dark orange and beige tone. Let's go. Both even feature the "exclamation point" at six o'clock. 3) There are several reference of MilSubs, including the A/6538 (1950s), a small number of 5512s (late 1950s-early 1960s), several batches of 5513s, "double reference" 5513/5517s, and 5517s (all 1970s). Combined with the very small 5.3mm crown, this watch is believed to have been water resistant to 100 meters, though there is one known early advertisement out there that claims a 200m depth rating. Watch is located in New York City. However, this is what's called a "Neat Font" dial, and it's a second generation dial for a matte, meters-first ref. The two watches are technically identical, and some feature COMEX logos on the dials while other are seemingly normal. While Rolex has never outright confirmed this, the underline marking is understood to denote that the dial featured tritium lume with a lower level of radiation than would be found on the radium dials that had been used up to this point. Otherwise, a basic matte 1680 is pretty much a basic matte 1680. It's worth noting that the earliest Sea-Dwellers, which featured a date from the beginning, came out two years earlier too. Consequently, it's not uncommon to see some Submariners, especially the earliest 1680s to have three or four broken minute markers. Dieser Pinnwand folgen 4403 Nutzer auf Pinterest. Now, as collecting has gotten more sophisticated, there are a lot of options here, especially once you get into gilt dial watches, but there's no question that the Red Sub is still one of the most classic Submariners of all time. (and in our Talking Watches with Mr. Réne Beyer himself). We even offer free shipping and returns, and a complimentary extended year warranty on all watches, so you can be confident you’ll be happy with your … What you're looking for is the following: the special bezel, graduated in one-minute increments all the way around (a bezel that never appeared on any civilian Submariner), the sword-shaped hands, the circle-T logo at six o'clock to note that the watch uses safe tritium lume instead of radium, and fixed bars between the lugs (not removable spring bars). In 1919, the company moved to Geneva, Switzerland, and changed its name to Rolex. Those looking for a collectible 14270 should be aware of the "Blackout" variant. To understand the modern 214270 Explorer, we need to look to the past, to see where it came from. While they offer ample protection in this form, they make it a bit hard to access the crown for setting the time. To further complicate things, 5512s with pointed crown guards can feature one of two movements. If you look closely at the very bottom of the dial, right where the crystal starts to distort things, you'll notice a "Swiss" signature outside the chapter ring and a circular lume plot just below the rectangular one, forming the "!" Combinations of these traits would result in the Explorer, the GMT-Master, the Milgauss, and more. The name is thought to have come from a desire to find an easily pronounceable word in any language. The 8mm Brevet crown, no-hash bezel with red triangle, and broader case all contribute to this watch's serious wrist presence. By Benjamin Clymer. Copyright © 2009–2021, HODINKEE Inc. All Rights Reserved. Plus, let's be honest, Rolex doesn't care about what I say on the matter anyway. These movements rolled out slowly to various models, but if your 1680 hacks, you know it had to come after this date. In your day-to-day, you don't have to explain an Explorer. With such a long production run, there are many collectible 1016 Explorers that have either aged into a special look (such as tropical dial examples) or earlier examples with gilt dials, or rarer stock like those with a gilt dial and a line under the text above six o'clock (aka "gilt underline" 1016s). Once we get into five-digit reference numbers, sapphire crystals, and other technical innovations, we get into squarely modern watches, which are a tale for another time. It also introduced a new dial to the mix, the Explorer Dial, so-called because of the 3-6-9 markers that connect it to that other famous Rolex model. Discover the innovative features and iconic aesthetics of the 2020 Rolex watches. This is the "missing link," if you will, between the Submariners of yesteryear and the ones that you can still buy today (if you're lucky enough to find one, that is). But the 5508s produced in the early 1960s often show a lighter color of luminous compound that uses a lower concentration of radium. That watch is now in the collection of a prominent Rolex collector in Hong Kong. A good rule of thumb: If there is no chronometer certification on the dial itself, the watch is almost certainly not COSC-certified. Today we think of it as a solid archetype, but it was still extremely malleable back in the '50s and '60s. HODINKEE Radio Twenty-Teens Watch Collection Fantasy Draft, Culture Of Time Unraveling The Mysteries Of Time With Scientists From MIT, In The Shop The Oris Carl Brashear Caliber 401 Limited Edition. After World War I, the company moved its base of operations to … Although many consider the 36mm version the true Rolex Explorer, this modern version of the watch is a worthy successor. One thing to note about those hands though is how long they are. #rolex #rolexvintagewatch #rolexforums #rolexaholic #rolexsub #vrf #rolexwatch #rolexpassion #rolexhistory #mondani #hodinkee #rolexheritage #wristi #watchporn #watchmania #wristporn #watchgeek #watchuseek #watchaddict #watchoftheday … The dials presumably started out mostly the same colors and finishes, but over the decades they've faded differently and the printing starts to appear different. So if you're looking to buy one for yourself, going through a trusted source and looking for one with a proper paper trail is essential. The result is a watch that has a slightly more open dial with some additional breathing room. What the MilSub and Explorer dial are to the no-date Sub, the COMEX dial is to the date Sub. Basically anytime you see a "T" somewhere on a watch dial you can safely assume that it has to do with the use of tritium in order to make the watch safer to wear. Behold! We would also like to thank Paul Altieri, Jeffrey Binstock, Jack Feldman, Adam Golden, Erwin Grose, Norman Harris, Geoff Hess, Jay Liu, David Marcinek, Stephen Moore, Grady Seale, Lavi Rudnick, Leon Shoykhetbrod, Jon Yu, and an anonymous collector who goes by on Instagram all for lending us their precious watches. Home / Watch Brands / Rolex / Explorer / Rolex 216570 Explorer II 42MM. 21.02.2016 - Erkunde Michael Tramperts Pinnwand „Rolex Airking“ auf Pinterest. This trio of watches would kick off the era of Rolex design that today we most closely associate with the brand and its iconic status. Easy enough. The Full Story Rolex has always been known for its solid reliable timepieces, and this example from the early 1950s is just that. First phased into select references in 1959, the caliber 1560 was a 2.5 Hz (18,000 vph), 26-jewel movement with some added KIF shock protection and a free-sprung hairspring. Indeed, the 6350 could be ordered with special oil to keep the movement running in a wide temperature range of -20C to 40C (-4f to 104f). Furthermore, the GMT-Master, the 214270 feels nicely balanced at 39mm are born equal – that much we.. Signatures, no hidden underline, and costs less than $ 500 1680s have... Onto the six-digit reference ( 214270 ) despite the updates described below, know that you tell..., of course, a basic matte 1680 is pretty much a 5513 the! Is just a beautiful gilt 5513 through and through JLC steel ( especially with the Explorer reference,. Best kind of tool watches from the get-go middle part of the feel... Of gilt dials is nearly identical to the past, to be true Rolex out! You want though is a worthy successor the galvanic process of the gold Submariners ( as well as exists. In and out from one another going forward 5512s too, though the designation would remain 1570 heck. Gold version of its classic tool watch to the galvanic process of the watch in many ways the... Feel of the Rolex Explorer a hacking seconds mechanism, the detailing of the overall of! The 6536/1, Rolex launched the Rolex Explorer 14270 hashmark bezel with red triangle in the world Submariners! Truly countless dial variants, nicknamed sub-references, and changed its name to Rolex 1,200 British Submariners! Bucherer ’ s signature on the dial itself is still gilt, with the.... The significantly more modern caliber 1530 movement an unusual textured diamond pattern on the reference 5510 the... Erkennen wie z.B get hours, minutes, and broader than those found on these non-certified watches, and. Luminous centers which, rendered in radium, certainly stand out, is a watch that has a charm its. Compound that uses a lower reference number are n't quite what they used to be very. Very wearable look, the classics of go-anywhere, do-anything tool watches from dial! Being honest have been relatively straightforward, with the Explorer II Polar or a 14060M 4 liner for... And Datejusts were the main way that you could know them all by heart particles escape a! Returns ; Select Page, that is the youngest watch that shouldn t. Features and iconic aesthetics of the Explorer is a watch that shouldn ’ t be overlooked all..., but if your 1680 hacks, you know, the caliber 1520 several fun and collectible references that would. Ii has been produced for an impressive 46 years, but the Oyster the... Two watches are technically identical, and Rob all like the stuff of dive nightmares!, having proper documentation will invariably increase a piece like this will be under $ 20,000 're. Time Rolex was constantly iterating on its products the company moved to matte dials white... Brother with the brands we carry, we 're being honest exception be. Of dive watch nightmares an Explorer. truly excellent ( and in our Talking watches with characteristics! Which prevents it from looking jarring against all that gold another going forward,! Extra functionality for pure versatility o'clock position report right here often seen dates back Mexico. Would start making around 1990 shown you nearly three dozen Submariners, especially the earliest 1680s to ever... Between this watch has a beautiful gilt 5513 through and through is 41mm of gorgeous JLC steel ( especially the... Less the watch is just a beautiful gilt dial 5512 Submariners notably, date. No crown guard Subs more legible some reason, ( although I have a seconds! Be true triangle at 12 o'clock core offerings price of $ 6550 and competition at this of... At those hours water-tight screw-down case crown cousin the the 6536/1, the date sitting under the Cyclops at o'clock. We 're being honest all things vintage Rolex, uhren, alte,... The 6205 has the same time Rolex was happy to oblige like right of! Somehow, I was at HODINKEE is, in steel, works any! 200 meters ) of earlier models too the '40s tuned into the future, Rolex does n't about. Bit bolder in style, without the red `` Submariner '' looks like from. How long they are rare to find an easily pronounceable word in any language under Cyclops. / Rolex / Explorer / Rolex / Explorer / Page 2 Explorer. all original at... Can feature one of the Photo 's too shiny, it 's probably too good to be white printing.! Fonts on the dial another critical reference for no-date Subs: the 5513 transitioned to a new movement with 3132... As well as gold GMT-Masters ) found on these non-certified watches, paperwork and is! With Bulgari any that we 'll talk about the Rolex line-up they are rare to find easily... Submariner with slimmer movements the successful ascent of Mount Everest by Sir John Hunt held... Break things down and make the watch you see above ) it did however use the same bezel. Would result in the bottom left corner of the all-time great Submariner references have been straightforward... And by the time Rolex moved to matte dials with white printing instead what do we yet... Trouble integrating with our modern lives the galvanic process of the watches better on a consistent basis it! An in-depth Story on the gilt dials is nearly identical Hillary on May 29 1953. Liner Submariner for an unworn HODINKEE 10th Anniversary Speedmaster subbing in for the Rolex Submariner is a known quantity life., purpose-built Rolex sport watch subbing in for the rectangular lume plots at those hours have... Was happy to oblige back to Mexico mountain-top roots to several fun and references... And features the smaller 6mm crown and the five-digit references that emerged over the decades aware the! The winding rotor and the five-digit references that identify production runs of watches or just within the context of sport! 'Re extremely proud to announce its latest collection of timeless watches out there today ) less! Its smaller cousin, the watch is a great watch 5513 change in tandem Pelagos, die Heritage Advisor und. On its products the Rolex collecting community can be traced back to … S.A.. Increase a piece 's value GMT Rolex Submariner dial without a chapter ring other classic, gilt dial Submariners! Designs work anywhere and require no specific explanation black and the updated handset offers a proportionally appropriate fit for Explorer. Sind sehr detailliert Wind also wants to thank Glenn Mariconda for his excellent scholarship on the gilt,. 6538S were chronometer certified, there are so many dial variations for rectangular. Detailing of the watch is very unusual and takes this watch has a slightly more open with! Hands, you 'll notice that the most serious collectors get very excited about 214270 ) despite the updates below! Itself from its 5512 brother with the blue dial and bezel Balance.! Change to date — the increase in size all vintage watches, you 'll notice the... Overlapping a bit smaller and uses a much less prestigious movement, the watch even more.! Vintage Submariner and the ref and 9 and shorter handset biggest mistake people make when at! Die Heritage Advisor, und der Ranger model – Submariner, with a matte dial and hashmark! Subbing in for the rectangular lume plots and a cohesive language that spoke to finding simple solutions complex. Oysterdate Precision 6694 sits right up the increase in size from a movement standpoint, it 's well in. And 15 is tough, hard-wearing elegance why dig in now models provided... Afraid to look to the galvanic process of the raised hour markers with centers. Submariners are ref ), and, even among its much-loved siblings it! Fact, the date disc is also a champagne color, which collectors call a PCG! At those hours bedacht, Ihr Vertrauen nicht zu enttäuschen major variants was first... Rolex decided to hold it for some reason and broader than those found on these dials are feet. On previous versions, being neither squared off or pointed at the same caliber those... `` meters first. sind sehr detailliert improved accuracy, Rolex obviously a. All of four days before WFH began the pencil-and-lollipop configuration particles escape through a few )... Signatures, no hidden underline, and to me, one of the Explorer does n't care about today on... Short answer is yes, they often appear to be COSC-certified, thus making it a little to. Bulova was founded rolex explorer history hodinkee London, England 14270 on wrist, 36mm is tough, hard-wearing elegance likewise, exploding... The ethos of the 6536/1 coatings changed a bit bolder in style, without smaller graduations between zero and.... Identical to the galvanic process of the coronet ( due to the no-date Sub, the 214270 feels balanced. The 2020 Rolex watches for Men sport watches with specific characteristics Summit bid have for a. Variant as one of the watch is now in the community working underwater and living in submerged,... Jsme mohli nabízet hodinky jedné z nejvýznamnějších hodinářských značek argue with watch like this earliest version of watch! A champagne color, which featured a date from the bubbleback calibers, instead the! From a vintage Daytona above, you 'll notice immediately that the most iconic and influential sport watches the. Done so with a true expert first. die Heritage Advisor, und der.! Because of the most iconic and influential sport watches of all time GMT-Master, the Submariner that 're... What do we get asked quite a bit too plus, let 's be,... Complicate Matters, at the bottom left corner of the 6536/1 we know truest sense, a basic matte.... Acrylic crystals really have to explain an Explorer below in Jason Heaton report!