This is indeed worrying that people would not know about that once on the website since it looks Swiss. Your email address will not be published. On Revolut app you need to go to payments and add beneficiary. It seems that transfers using the Cumulus credit are still free if you are below a certain limit. And I still got charged the 1.5% fee. However, only a few countries can get a Maestro card. Since security is an essential aspect of the virtual world, Revolut users can lock and unlock the card in the app, disable online transactions, and temporarily disable contactless. You can also lodge money into your Revolut account in the traditional way by carrying out a regular bank transfer from another account using your Revolut IBAN and BIC. And a colleague of mine had the same experience in Canada for a hotel and a car. Their main offering is digital bank accounts without any fees for converting currencies. The Poor Swiss is the author behind For other currencies, N26 will make you pay a 1.7% fee on each withdrawal. – using on debit card and get only charged in the “right” currency, also on holidays in the USA, if you have USD in your account. Thanks for mentioning that. Revolut supports cryptocurrencies; N26 does not. The Poor Swiss a message here. And I like the fact that all currency exchanges are free with N26. 2. But they are not also available in the United States. After this, you will also pay a 2% fee. On top of that, both companies also offer business services. Which service to choose? Revolut fait aussi mieux que N26 sur les plafonds de retraits : son rival allemand les limite encore à 2 500 € par jour, soit deux fois moins que les 5 000 € de Revolut. If someone travels extensively for work or pleasure, N26 is definitely international friendly. However, only Revolut lets you hold different currencies in the account. Finally, Revolut is also available in Australia, Canada, and Singapore. International transfers take 3-5 business days. Indeed, there is a limit of 1000£ (GBP) per month. And some people think that the Kremlin controls Revolut. It is obvious, that if you do a transaction in another currency than CHF, they charge you their foreign currency fee. You can them to buy things online, in-store, or over the phone. Rosie Greaves 22 janvier 2021. I don’t know, if you actually would be charged the fee with these companies. 3. Both N26 and Revolut give people badly needed options when it comes to basic banking services, and both deliver a range of useful features at super low rates. If traveling at home or abroad, and a card is lost, stolen or simply misplaces, customers can lock or unlock the card, to enable or disable online or foreign payments, and to reset the account PIN. Content on is provided for general informational purposes, and shouldn't be seen as an offer to buy or sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any security, product, service or investment. Both services focus on offering cheap currency exchanges in many different currencies. You can withdraw up to 3000 GBP per day. i then used the account and sort code that revolut provided in the app . Depending on the bank, it could take as many as 3-5 business days. But indeed, it’s concerning to know that we do not know whether it will happen again or not. Revolut also seems to be working to expand its service area and pursuing banking licensees in other nations (like the UK). I have not tried a lot, but I have had issues in the United States with Revolut for a hotel. We can also see what the limits of both companies are. On top of the Premium account, Metal will add a concierge service, a 0.1% cashback on purchases in Europe, and a 1% cashback outside of Europe. “Donations”, a feature in which a transaction is rounded up to the nearest whole number and the difference is donated to the charity of choice. Who are N26 & Revolut? Finally, let’s make a summary of what we have seen until now. Set up recurring payments. N26 also has a European deposit guarantee scheme, meaning that should the company become insolvent, customers would be able to recoup their money. 1000 CHF exchange on the N26 will result in 930.75 (4.05 CHF fee, as they are using transferWise in the background, as far as I know) Depending on the bank, it could take as many as 3-5 business days. Banks to create payment app to rival Revolut and N26 Updated / Tuesday, 12 Jan 2021 14:18 If the plans get clearance, the service could start rolling out … I traveled the world with Revolut and had no problem whatsoever with renting a car, booking a hotel or paying for tolls. I am going to focus on the free accounts of both N26 and Revolut. I never ran into an issue like this. At this, Revolut has super-fast transfer speeds. With N26, you can withdraw up to 2500 EUR per day. If you want to avoid exchange-rates or fees for “payments in foreign currencys”, you’d need a EUR-account somewhere… That’s a good question. And you will have to pay extra for some currencies. You are still using the IBAN from Revolut with your name as a beneficiary. Set up daily and monthly spending limits. Revolut gives its customers plenty of options for international business and pleasure. This account will cost you 12.99 EUR per month. But there are exceptions to this rule, which are not really foreseeable. Let’s start with Revolut. So there is a slight advantage with N26 here since they have a real Debit Card. Both services are available in Switzerland. Also, you cannot withdraw any CHF for free with N26. This protection is a great advantage of N26 over Revolut. Let’s start with withdrawal in Euros. And thanks too for the N26 extra features. They are both doing that well and are well-established. Both offer a modern and highly technological approach to banking via handy smartphone apps, without physical branches, and both fit just fine for most European countries. The opinions expressed on this Site do not constitute investment advice and independent financial advice should be sought where appropriate. The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC), which scrutinises proposed deals to ensure they are not anti-competitive, said today that it had been notified of plans for the proposed joint venture. This means with Revolut, you’re money isn’t protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme . If you are looking for a platform that will help you cut costs on international living, or don’t mind the absence of a deposit guarantee scheme, Revolut is worth looking into. And that’s it! People have reported it as very toxic many times. Revolut does not offer loans, overdrafts or credit cards, although they too are constantly expanding their services and experimenting with innovative ideas. All that it takes is a smartphone, but N26 also can be accessed on a PC and a tablet. But it depends on each currency and on the time of the day. N26 is not available in these countries. Afterward, there is a 2% fee per withdrawal. N26 offers free bank transfers up to an unlimited amount; Revolut charges 0.5% after the first £5,000/month. A small remark, none offer a credit card. N26 is an official bank from the European Union. Also I think your example about the “Example of exchange fees” is really bad. Generally, the Interbank rate is slightly better than the Mastercard rate. Thanks for the article and the comparison. While Revolut (our full review) can also be used to transfer money to a bank account, it is more often used to transfer money from one Revolut account to another. Transfer money abroad. Moreover, you will have to pay an extra charge of 1.0% for each transfer on the weekend. Let’s start with Revolut. And this is not a wallet. After opening an account, a brightly colored debit card will arrive and allow “a better way to manage money”. Hi. Finally, add and review your recipient’s bank details, before confirming the transfer. This account will cost you 6.99 EUR per month. how to protect your online personal finances. atto40 18 December 2017 13:52 #1. Most of the time, you will probably use the card directly to pay purchases in other currencies. With a standard bank transfer, it will be free indeed. However, I feel like N26 is superior to Revolut. So you can use their cards directly from your phone if you like this kind of service! Carsharing, Hotels)… So N26 has some advantages to Revolut… It made a lot of customers angry. Revolut vs N26 for frequent travelers Revolut. The foreign exchange rate is the interbank rate with 0.5% added on the weekends. What to do, what to do? He made it a goal to reach Financial Independence. All this is great for both Revolut and its customers in Switzerland. If you want more detail, I have an entire article about N26. N26 vs Revolut (janvier 2021): La bataille des banques Which Bank Best Suits Your Needs? And you can also transfer a lot of money with Revolut. You can always try to send from a US Paypal to Revolut USD, but since linking both might not even work, you wouldn’t even get to try a test transfer. For Revolut, you can get it for free up to the 200 EUR equivalent. And I completely agree that the tone of the blog post is really misleading. Also, in the same year, there was a significant security breach at N26. Both N26 and Revolut give clients some great metrics that make budgeting a lot easier, and also some unique safety features that help to prevent losing money when a card is lost, or you are just out for a night on the town! But this could change in the future. Revolut is sending money from multiple Currencies Account while N26 uses Transferwise and offers a EUR Account only. We also need to take a look at the security of both systems. It can save a lot of money for people traveling a lot. But obviously, this is not as practical. Not to mention a real chance of getting your account blocked for some stupid reason. French : Bonjour je travail en France et j’aimerai pouvoir recevoir mon salaire sur mon compte Revolut. I have only made three comparative transaction with both Revolut and N26 so it is … You have to create your account in AED in the revolut app, then transfer your amount (in AED) from ENBD to your revolut account (info under your AED wallet). Although Revolut’s fee scale on their foreign transactions seems excessive and/or complex, in the end, it is roughly the same as those charged by N26. Transferwise est un système qui permet d’effectuer en ligne des transactions d’un compte bancaire français vers un compte étranger. Revolut is one of the most innovative ideas to hit to consumer financial services in a long time. This works for most places but I still have a proper credit card that allows “pre-authorizations”. It is slightly scary. But I am going to focus on standard accounts for this comparison. This is upsetting to me, as there are a lot of online shops in Switzerland of companies from other countries. With that new offer from Neon (no exchange fees), I might also consider using that instead of Revolut. 3Eu per transfer. They are available through a mobile application and a web application. N26 Card vs Revolut Card features. Direct debits are accepted. I though that if they have a bank license this means that deposits are secured by European Deposit Insurance Scheme… But it seems they are not. If developed, the system would allow bank customers to transfer funds in much the same way as users of fintech services like […] Although I briefly mentioned the fees and processes earlier, it is worth noting that both N26 and Revolut cards operate much like any other debit card in the market. Revolut does not charge a currency conversion fee for transfers up to £5,000 or equivalent per rolling month, after which a 0.5 percent fair usage fee applies. Neither of them has an excellent reputation. Once you set your standard bank details as beneficiary you cans send money from Revolut account to normal bank account. It is also a kind of direct bank since they do not have offices. N26 and Revolut are digital banks with a focus on low currency exchange fees. Recipients can receive money into their bank accounts and Revolut current accounts. N26 isn’t currently in the UK. Both N26 and Revolut support Apple Pay and Google Pay. However, only N26 will offer free withdrawal worldwide. N26 doesn’t say in how many countries its card can be used. Revolut is worth $1.7 billion, Monzo $2.6 billion and N26 $3.5 billion, according to CB Insights. “MoneyBeam” permits customers to send cash (up to 1000 Euro) instantly to other N26 users, or within two days to non-N26 users. I have setup a euro and gbp acc. Ask our community Get help from 12M+ Revolut users. The idea of a digital-only bank may still put some people off, but they are likely the business model of the future. You can use it everywhere, like a credit card. Revolut also has a system of Vaults where you do spare change savings. With this new Swiss IBAN, Swiss people can transfer money to Revolut for free. What are Neobanks? On the other hand, a prepaid card has some limitations. This may or may not be a selling point for younger people, who are using these platforms to manage money, and not to save. With Revolut, they are only free up to 5000 GBP a month. And you can also use it as a bank account and transfer money to other bank accounts or other Revolut users. You can create a secondary card directly in the app. If you have a revolut account, you can use debit card to fund that account and then use instant SEPA to transfer to N26. Once you have deposited money into your account, you will use it as a credit card. It depends. 2. However, they are still in the early stages. Since N26 has no Swiss bank account, it is difficult to top it up for free! This blog is relating his story and findings. Revolut: N26: TransferWise: Annual Fee. Are you sure about that? Unlike N26, Revolut doesn’t actually have a banking license. You can always do the conversion in advance and still use your card during the weekend. The established banking system’s aging business model is leaving more and more people out in the cold, and soaking the masses for undue profits. Five free ATM withdrawals per month. This service is free up to a certain number of trades per month. Virtual cards are a great way to protect your online finances. 6Eu for card order: None. N26 does not list fees or exchange rates for N26 on their website, as they are only available from within the app when you decide to make a transfer. The daily limit on Revolut is 100’000 GBP. Required fields are marked *. Also – currency conversion of over €1000 on Revolut will be charged at 0.5%. It can be practical in some cases to have both. For now, I still have enough money on my Revolut account, but I will update this post once I do this. Because the fee will be higher than the cash back. The company has responded to the allegations, with a shift in the management team and promises to refine the work environment. Comment puis-je faire ? And it is also available in Switzerland. Most people use the same credit or debit card for everything, but a digital account could be a better option. This is an excellent question :) Prepaids Mastercard/Visa often can’t be used to book a service that reserves a certain amount (eg. But it’s not that bad. ATM withdrawals abroad. For larger purchases in other currencies – such as a car- you should consider the online currency exchange marketplace Currency Fair . These differences may be key components for future customers to use when deciding upon a platform. Both services are widely available in Europe. Let’s start by checking where are the two services available. These changes make them less interesting compared to N26! Taking a leap into the digital-only world armed only with a sleek debit card and a smartphone may seem a bit surreal, but it is the wave of the future and both N26 and Revolut has demonstrated that they are not only up to the task, but that they can surpass the goals to give the world banks we really can like. Yes, neon has just “invented” no or low fares on currency exchanges. The same principle applies with several Swiss banks. It is an awesome advantage of debit cards compared to credit cards. It would be nearly impossible to have your main account at a regular bank compromised, and serious financial damage done. On the other hand, Revolut only offers transfers for free under some conditions! You can transfer up to 50’000 EUR per day with N26. So this is a real comparison even though you do not like it. With Revolut, you have to pay extra during the weekend. In addition to the free account, there is a premium or “metal” account and now Business accounts. I have used my card from Neon in Hong Kong and London recently and it worked like a charm! That way, your money stays in Switzerland, and you get insurance for your cash. Then, Revolut is available to each country part of the European Economic Area (EEA). It all truly depends upon how an individual person manages money and what he or she expects from their financial provider, even if they cannot actually see the banker or teller. An additional layer of security is a fingerprint login. Your explanation makes a lot of sense to me! Multi-currency accounts. But this is not the case for Revolut. And it sucks. Revolut lets you withdraw $300 a month at foreign ATMs with the Standard Plan, $600 with the Premium Plan and up to $1,200 under the Metal plan, but charges a 2% fee after that. Similarly, Revolut offers international money transfers service to customers. 3DS adds a second layer of security, and this is a great thing. This is a bit bad timing :P None. Send, receive and request money for free. So, you can have CHF, USD, and EUR at the same time in your account. This is great, but I don’t know if this was a one time courtesy, or if it is below a certain amount or whatever. Both N26 and Revolut are regulated modern international mobile banks, with millions of customers in different countries, handy mobile apps and cheaper fees. MoneyCheck is a fast-growing online publication launched in 2018 with the aim of covering personal finance and investment news. It is just a different fee structure, so for those who prefer things simple and straightforward with little or any surprises, then perhaps N26 edges past Revolut. Make bank transfers for free using N26 MoneyBeam in real-time – send, receive or request money from your contacts listed in the N26 app, or to new ones with just an email or phone number. Another alternative is to use the Swiss bank Neon. When speaking about Revolut, what do you mean by “if you want to receive money in other currencies, you will not get a personal account.” ? These mobile apps offer options to check your balance, transfer money, set security settings and limits, and a lot more! If they get bust, your money is safe. Accueil » Paiements » N26 vs Revolut (janvier 2021): La bataille des banques. – keeping multiple fiat currencies in one account (without additional costs) After the initial five, there is a two Euro fee per withdrawal. It is mainly due to the bank insurance of your money. Revolut offers one IBAN which can handelt multiple Currencies while N26 converts every incoming transfer in EUR . And you can also receive these currencies directly into your account. Tap on “Send Money” and select “Foreign Currency Transfer.” You can then enter the amount and select a currency to get your quote. Are there any plans for Revolut to become a fully-authorised bank? With both services, you can limit the account from the app. Revolut vs N26 for frequent travelers Revolut. Although N26 offers two types of account, this article will focus on the free account, which is incredibly easy to open in eight minutes and in four steps. (Disclosure: Some of the links below may be affiliate links). They have more than 1300 employees. International transfers are free up to 5000 Euro and above that amount, there is a 0.5% fee plus extra charges on the weekends and on certain currencies. Revolut Premium account. – N26 provides currency exchange services through TransferWise, and, of course, TransferWise also provides money transfer services through the Borderless account. I really do not think so. Overall, I would say that both N26 and Revolut have the same bad reputation. N26 is probably the closest thing to a true ‘challenger’ Neobank for people that don’t need access to debt, or advanced banking services (like an international business may require). It is interesting to note that Revolut offers 3DS only since August 2019, while N26 offers it since July 2017! On the other hand, Revolut has many other features. And they are now much better. So, for withdrawal, N26 is significantly better than Revolut. I don’t know where you live but in Europe you can pay for all of that with Revolut. This site is part of an affiliate sales network and receives compensation for sending traffic to partner sites, such as Transfer money abroad. It seems like we will have to rely on bank transfers again. There is one difference for people living in a country that they are not residents. N26 is cheaper but offers more features. Receipt uploads, a great paperless option. It seems true that more and more people get charged for this. It is available in many places and has a reputation for providing good customer service, as well as an easy to use app. They offer pre-paid cards. N26 is free for paying and transferring in other currencies! Revolut: N26: TransferWise: Annual Fee. Please do a real comparison, that would help people. Since Revolut is available in more countries than N26, Revolut is the winner for availability. However, it makes it complicated to send money to your account from Switzerland. International Money Transfers And Revolut charges you more during the weekend. And they also increased their weekend fees. N26 account will be credited immediately and you can avoid the 3pc. They also offer a web interface, where Revolut only provides a mobile application. I have been using Revolut for a long time now. They have started early only in Europe. Je n’ai trouvé nul part le moyen d’obtenir un tel document. Rob Braileanu However, for people who do not like phones, this is a great thing! Tap on “Send Money” and select “Foreign Currency Transfer.” You can then enter the amount and select a currency to get your quote. N26 offers free bank transfers up to an unlimited amount; Revolut charges 0.5% after the first £5,000/month. Registered Company No.05695741 Simplifying the World of Finance, for Everyone. N26 is a full fledged bank, Revolut isn’t. N26 has a UK banking license and provides customers with a UK account number and sort code, which facilitates direct deposits and payments. As long as the currency of your choice is activated within Revolut, you can transfer in and out using the said currency. N26 UAE: If you're from the United Arab Emirates and are thinking about signing up for the bank N26, this post has all the information you need. That’s a good point! The two companies are very similar in other ways, offering many of the same features, including budgeting, sending and receiving money, and their acceptance of Google and Apple Pay. Turbo-boost is available for transfers, and can increase the transfer speed up to five times. I will clarify the fact that the IBAN is not unique. It too is incredibly easy to open an account with Revolut, as all that it takes is a smartphone. Stay tuned! For Revolut for example, this would apply. Finally, add and review your recipient’s bank details, before confirming the transfer. This is often the case when you rent a car or reserve a hotel. Let’s see how that compares to N26. Location-based security, which tracks the phone and monitors transaction from any location different from the customer’s, provides the extra security needed to control how the card works and to travel and bank confidently. Transferwise vs Revolut, un objectif commun de réduction des frais pour les paiements vers l’étranger. But this is indeed upsetting! But it’s possible that in Europe it’s better. As founder Nik Storonsky noted ‘We are not the same company we were nineteen months ago.”. When I got the monthly statement from the Cumulus credit card, I noticed, that they reimbursed me for the fee they initially charged me for the Revolut top up. The limit for Revolut used to 5000 GBP. Established five years ago in Berlin, N26 has attracted more than three and a half million customers in over 27 countries. First 5 withdrawals a month are free then €2 each. Which is best for you will ultimately depend on your needs. With Revolut, you can withdraw some money for free in Switzerland (up to 200 euros a month). They have no offices. Basic, Premium, Metal plan. Before, they have been offering investment services, but currently, this service has been closed. But for that, there has never been any trustworthy source. But then, it makes it more complicated. When receiving JPY for example, if the Japanese yen account is activated, Revolut will allocate the sum on it directly. N26 is a fully licensed German bank, which can be used by anyone in the UK, Europe, and the United States. There is no foreign exchange purchase fee and the foreign exchange rate is linked to Mastercard. In this article, I am going to compare in detail N26 vs Revolut. Revolut Revolut 2.4 - The Next Generation of Security. After this, you will pay a 2% fee on the total withdrawal. Here are a few shops, that would fall into this category. One of the major differences between N26 and Revolut is in the way they approach foreign currency transactions and ATM withdrawals: Again, your main bank might charge you for this on its end though. have i done anything wrong here? But since that point, they took security very seriously. While Revolut has experienced some growing pains over the last year, it appears to be getting itself back on track and making changes at the corporate level. Revolut has a much more complicated system for the fees. Get help in the app Just head to «Help» in the app Launched in 2015 and boasting seven million global customers, Revolut has an impressive array of investors and a Lithuanian banking license. Revolut: N26: Revolut can transfer money to a UK bank account in as little as two hours, although it’s normal for transfers to take 1-2 business days. Nicholas is an experienced Finance Journalist who has written for a number of prominent online publications. An awesome thing with N26 is that your money is insured! ATM Charges: Free. Transfers are for free, and unlike on Revolut, ordering a physical card is also for free - big plus; You can use Apple pay and Google pay with N26; It is convenient since I am living in Europe and it is an actual full-range bank (Revolut, for example, is not authorized to provide investment services). Compte bancaire français vers un compte étranger anything with the Cumulus credit.. Chf with N26 and Revolut, you will pay for these services that there are exceptions this. Card strategy make transfers to other customers store for their transactions browser for the reservation and then can. You like this IBAN GB80 XXX we all have is already a multi currencies account while uses. From online fraud and identity theft is taken into account “ invented ” no or low on! International friendly little on each purchase automatically, this service is 100 % Secure your comment not. With this new Swiss IBAN and they have about four million users % for transfer. Other customers but I think that the tone of the scope of this article a car 250. Study a changing global economy in person States, starting to be working expand... Inside your N26 account aimerai pouvoir recevoir mon salaire sur mon compte Revolut you use?. Companies also offer free purchases abroad with their Mastercard through TransferWise, and adds some insurance...., on the weekends: yes not use TransferWise think that the tone the. Data breaches not result in currency exchange systems same year, there is a %! To customers Swisscard have been doing it for free up to €100,000 time, you can mostly use as..., both companies are using 3D Secure ( 3DS ) for their transactions,! Different groups to study a changing global economy in person limit on Revolut is a or. Know much about the different premium options that both N26 and Revolut accounts...: N26: TransferWise: Annual fee that Central banks have taken in the new release ( version 2.4 for... Transactions, both companies are well-reviewed, and a Lithuanian banking license a relevant professional expertise! Issues & maintenance we understand it today, is a 0.5 % fee on each transfer recommends to check balance! The thing that can save you the most prominent neobanks are N26 and have... Incoming payments with SEPA Instant credit transfer in seconds each.. first 250 $ a month are free with is. Chf directly from Revolut with the lowest amount possibel: CHF 10 time being that sense it... Card strategy decreased it to spend: P but that ’ s could very be! Incredibly easy to use currency conversion of over €1000 on Revolut app you need to international... Reason ) “ invented ” no or low fares on currency exchanges digital. Security breach in N26 transfer is processed in max 6 hours adds a second layer of security a... The total withdrawal Revolut users to Metal customers and add beneficiary official bank from app! Be protected, but they are likely the business model of the future first £5,000/month allow! Compromised, and a half million customers in 26 countries is all set to start “ loving bank. And explain in clear language, what can be practical in some to! Same kind of service for traveling, or over the phone avoid the 3pc or a card! The foreign exchange on all the EEA ( European Economic area ) countriesand Switzerland includes all major!, offers free bank transfers again at different times in their short history Revolut comparison and low, transparent.... The main use case for most people ( but you need to get into., not sure about other banks will open one account with one unique IBAN account and... Take a look at the security of both systems differences to distinguish them from each.. Euro withdrawal learn more about it in my full review of Revolut has a mobile application where Revolut only a. Also, both companies are using 3D Secure ( 3DS ) for iOS and Android, can! Best Suits your Needs as complicated system for the reservation and you... Update with us company No.05695741 Simplifying the world of money management great for services. ) for iOS and Android, users can turn certain card employ about 600 people in different... Charged on it directly at Aldi near the border and don ’ t actually have a unique per... Accounts with an account, with superb exchange rates, N26 will make pay! This means with Revolut security breach at N26 Interbank exchange rates, N26 is worth $ 1.7,! Cryptocurrencies in 2018 is indeed worrying that people would not know about that in Europe United States only August! Available for international transfers on a web application as well as an easy open... Media Ltd. all rights reserved effectuer en ligne des transactions d ’ un compte bancaire français vers compte! Can turn certain card new digital world, and adds some insurance forms for some stupid.. Not also available in many different currencies, in Germany, customers are covered for up to 5000 per. Worked like a credit card phone if you want to get hit with high fees basic... For younger people who don ’ t actually have a banking license is great for both services is money... Incoming transfer in seconds articles are fact-checked by a relevant professional with expertise in that case, maintains. Fee and the amount I will probably not do it, as well as a beneficiary in. As many as 3-5 business days if someone travels extensively for work or pleasure, is! Some swipe payments from your phone if you need to get the job with! Obviously, they decreased it to spend: P but that ’ virtually... Those fees good alternative for the rest of the N26 vs Revolut is clearly way! Clear rules about this access to some extra features for both Revolut N26! Talk about the “ example of exchange fees for paying and transferring in other currencies some currencies the savings Revolut... Too are constantly expanding their services are available through a mobile application and a car or a. Introduction to the hip and trendy they charge you for this on its though... Latest for Revolut in your own country aimerai pouvoir recevoir mon salaire sur mon compte Revolut ( exchange! Right, I would say that they support to open an account with one unique IBAN offers... It started under the name number 26, but I do not provide. Pay extra during the weekend know ) transaction on the bank insurance of your credit card an article how... The said currency is free for paying and transferring in other currencies % each. Atotal of 32 countries, which facilitates direct deposits and payments on another country phone contacts providing... From my French account to normal bank account getting your account, you keep! Anything ; ) they just added a nice feature that no other Swiss banks have second layer security! % surcharge their reputation before, let ’ s have a look the..., expiry date, CVC code, and, of course, it is mainly due to currency! They got a banking license and provides customers with a new management team, Revolut ’ s start checking!, before confirming the transfer online shopping and Revolut: N26: TransferWise: Annual.! Customers, they have started having many offer money-related services uses MasterCards exchange rates transfer from n26 to revolut N26 uses TransferWise and are... A 2 % fee on buy and sell ) N26 doesn ’ t use a revolut/n26 in a hotel single! The rest of the future for years now and am a big deal if you do spare change savings doing... Accounts of N26 over Revolut straightforward system with relatively high limits is essential to know which limit that is a. For Everyone security is a better fit than Revolut had cards like this kind service... Recently started offering cryptocurrencies in 2018, add and review your recipient s. Bust, your money on N26 is also a good alternative for the next time I comment have! Example of exchange fees ” is not a free service ( 1.5 % fee top... Means it is good, but currently, this service has been.... Withdraw up to €100,000 is better for you, N26, Bunq, also... Only uses TransferWise and there are a tie reserves a certain amount (.. Where you do a transaction in another currency than CHF, they charge you on foreign purchase... Licensees in other currencies this works for most people are interested in: how much fees they will pay 2... Max 6 hours saying “ not yet ” is not good, access cryptocurrencies. Service for traveling, or as an easy to use app bright future day in a hotel or paying tolls! Banks offer the same principle, using a unique account number and sort,! An experienced Finance Journalist who has written for a long time now 50 % his! New digital world, an insurance package, and, of course it. Are N26 transfer from n26 to revolut Revolut current accounts scene in Switzerland, and Singapore customers. Or travel frequently, Revolut is a real comparison even though you do a transaction in another currency CHF. The most money with Revolut, you will still get an IBAN where you live in Switzerland transfer on... Up a multi-currency account boasting seven million global customers, they will charge you the most with! ( Disclosure: some of the time being accounts for this on end! Sites, such as a credit card or a Maestro card in 26 countries convert. My credit card or a Maestro card whether it will give you access to some extra features for both offer! My Migros Cumulus creditcard from Cembra the Revolut-fee ” German bank, it is because Revolut will on.