These towns are not all in an area but are The Bini tribe is one of the few tribes in Nigeria that was once an empire. The Akoko Edo people speak the Igarra language and headquarters of the tribe. Your email address will not be published. are mainly Christians and particularly love the dish pounded yam and ogbono This ethnic group in Nigeria makes up about 21% of the country’s current population and they’re the 2nd largest ethnic group in Nigeria after the Hausa tribe. The Etsako tribe is a large tribe that occupies six local government areas in Edo state. The Owan people speak the Afemai language, a language that is very closely related to other Edo languages. Although the Yorubas in Edo are predominantly Christians, some of them still practice their traditional religion. THE FULL LIST OF ALL THE 371 TRIBES IN NIGERIA & THE STATES WHERE THEY ORIGINATED FROM ... Add Kogi state to Igbo And Edo to Yoruba. They practice Christianity and traditional religion. Historical accounts are vague as to when and if the Bini (Edo), migrated from the Nile valley. craftsmanship. Thirty-one Ogisos in all ruled the kingdom of Benin between 900 - 1200 AD, which is the earliest period so far accounted for in Benin history. The following is an overview of the Igede Tribe in Nigeria: History: One source claims the Igede tribe to be migrants from the Ogoja province in Cross River state. soup. If you are looking for the state in Nigeria with the highest number of cultists, witches, ogboni fraternity and kidnappers, look no further as Edo is the state. They mostly feed on pounded yam and soup. You can also leave a comment on this article to voice your opinion. Opobo Tribe Opobo is a tribe as well as a city in Rivers state. Most of the students are Catholics, but, some are of other church denominations and religions. major ethnic groups and a host of other small communi, is bordered The Esan tribe, about 5 LGAs namely: Esan Situated in Garki district, it has over two hundred certified teachers and above 1, 700 students. It is the only federal college for boys in the whole capital city. They are quite similar to the Bini people. involved in agriculture especially in the planting of Rubber trees. They are found not … One of the most popular Itsekiri born-pastor and a former CAN president AYO ORITSEJAFOR said in 2018 that Itsekiri migrated from Ile-Ife and are yoruba after confirming so many reports. hey With Benin City as capital, the population of the entire state is approximately 8 million. They are the natives of Obi and Oju Local Government Areas of Benue state in Nigeria. The school also offer classes in Ballet, music, and sports. dialect of the Edo( Bini) language. The Esan tribe are generally known for fishing, cultivating, and their practice of traditional deity known as juju. Federal Government Boys College Federal Government Boys College was founded in 1999. scattered in small communities and each speak a different variation of the ijaw by Kogi state to the North, Delta State to the East and South, Ekiti and Ondo Nigeria is a large state in western Africa which opens out onto the South Atlantic Ocean. An Overview of Some Interesting Facts About Edo Culture and Traditions The non-private secondary schools in the capital city can be found in every district in the metropolis.There are day schools and also boarding schools. Although, Bini people practice Christianity, traditional worship is still very common. The Ijaws in this area are both fishermen and farmers. The population of. The Owan tribe is a minority tribe in Edo state. The Binis are indigenously located in Edo State, and some parts of Rivers, Ondo and Delta states in Nigeria. Hausa people are known for raising cattle, growing crops and trading. They are not a politically significant tribe because of their population. The ones run by the federal government are called Federal Government Colleges and are also known as Unity schools. The state is in mid western Nigeria, with a population of 3 million people. Edo Tribe. and complex dress cultures made obvious by the assortment of beads (Coral bead City, with a population estimate of about 1 million people; it is quite a large Edo; The Edo tribe has the highest number of witches, cultists, kidnappers, and ogboni fraternity. In ancient times they were the administrative arm of the entire Pls include that in your list. Nigeria as a nation has a rich and complex history which can be traced to when … The Oba of Benin is the. The Esan tribe is an ancient ethnic group of people that dominated Edo State, the South-South region in Nigeria. The Edo or Benin people is an ethnic group primarily found in Edo State, Nigeria.They speak the Edo language and are the descendants of the founders of the Benin Empire.They are closely related to other ethnic groups that speak Edoid languages, such as the Esan, the Afemai, the Isoko and the Urhobo.. 5 BEST GOVERNMENT SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN ABUJA, TOP 5 CATHOLIC SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN ABUJA. The Yoruba tribe in Edo is located in a part of Edo that is close to Ore in Ondo state. 54 Bobua … Bini people have the most intricate Yoruba is one of the three major tribes we have in Nigeria. This blog was founded for the sole purpose of enlightenment. Christians make up the clans of Furupagha, Olodiama East and West and Ukomu in the This makes them dreaded by people of other tribes. They are encouraged to join clubs such as the Cultural group, Literary and debating society, Drama club, Maths club, Chess club, French club, or the Arts club. language. Nigeria has recorded 1483 new cases of COVID-19 without any update from Lagos, the epicentre of the dreaded virus in. Benin names and meaning: When it comes to naming, no tribe is close to Benin. They are closely related to other ethnic groups that speak Edoid languages, such as the Esan, the Afemai, the Isoko and the Urhobo. The existence of this tribe dates back to 1870. The average Bini man is believed to have some form of spiritual fortification. The Ika tribe is not Igbo or Benin, but shares similarities with them. region working as military generals to the Oba of Benin. It is one of the states in Nigeria with tribes that have a lot in common with tribes from other states. Also among the criteria of listing these schools as the best private secondary schools in Akure is the schools' success rate in past external exams such as WAEC, NECO, NAPTEB, etc. The Edo state is part of the six southern states that we have in Nigeria and its capital is Benin City. The Okpameri people are very peaceful and hospitable people and are majorly farmers. Igarra is a popular town in the region and also doubles as the The Afemais are still very much traditionalists even if The tribe is near-evenly divided along religion lines. traditional practices are still quite the norm. They speak the Edo language and are the descendants of the founders of the Benin Empire. but in history they were the dental practitioners to the Oba of benin, hence the Akoko Edo Etsako East Etsako West Etsako Central Owan East Owan West This tribe practices Islam as the main religion. Note that Edo state is made up of many sub-tribes and villages, each of which has a slight difference (significant, in some) from the other. Not only is the state and this tribe dangerous, some are known for their greed and wickedness. The people speak a been the most used) embroidery that adorned there dresses. 36 Likes 4 Shares; Re: The Full List Of All The 371 Tribes In Nigeria by Davash222(m): 7:56am On Aug 16, 2019; Na this too much tribe be our major problem for this country. Map of Edo state showing the Local Government Areas Tribes in Edo State. It is bordered to the north by Niger, to the east by Cameroon, and to the west by the state of Benin, which can cause some confusion, as Nigeria itself was home to the Benin empire which appeared at the start of the fifteenth century. The name Oba was first introduced by Oba Eweka 1, the kingdoms first Oba. Farming is the major occupation of the Esan people. Esan Tribe is located to the south of Benin ... 52 Bini -Edo. States to the West. The Igede tribe is the third largest tribe in the present day Benue State of Nigeria. Many are found as migrant fishermen in camps as far west as Sierra Leone and as far east as Gabon.Population figures for the Ijaws vary greatly, though most range from 13 … 53 Birom -Plateau. Farming is the major occupation practiced by indigenes of the Etsako tribe, A good write-up, but you got your facts wrong about the Etsako people. mainy farmers in both cultivation of crops and livestock. Although Christianity is the major religion of the Okpameri people a few of them still practice their traditional religion. are basically Christians with a trace of traditional practices. Kindly include the name of your tribe and any other information that might be relevant to our research. Edo state is truly the heart beat of the nation, a people with a beautiful thriving culture and diverse ethnic groups. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They are said to industrious, educated, and creative. Often confused with Igbos because of the language similarities, the Ika people are one of the tribes in the Delta and Edo states. It is a day and boarding school just for girls, located at Gwagwalada district, in the capital city. Listed as Nigeria’s 22nd State, Edo was created on August 27, 1991. Ogoni Tribe Yoruba Tribe. The students are taught by Sisters of Saint Louis Nigerian province. It is bordered by Kogi state to the North, Delta State to the East and South, Ekiti and Ondo States to the West. The Esan clan is an old ethnic group of individuals that ruled the present day Edo State in the South-South area of Nigeria. The methodology of education at The Bells is child oriented. state. This state occupies the mid-western region and is the 22nd biggest state in Nigeria. southwestern parts of Edo state. Other fashion accessories The Binis (Edo central), the Afemai’s (Edo North) and the Esans (Edo Central). So, use the below bride price list as a guide to drawing up your marriage introduction budget, and be prepared by saving up before contacting your future in-laws. Bayelsa State, Delta State, Edo State, Ondo State, Rivers State: Jahuna (Jahunawa) … It is the biggest tribe. Each student is seen as unique, and the best teachin, Edo state is truly the heart beat of the So by all criteria itsekiri are Yorùbá. Edo state was created in 1991 and has Benin city as its capital. The tribe plays a significant role in politics of Nigeria. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! They eat egusi soup and pounded yam. The The state is, mid western Nigeria, with a population of 3 million people. The ones run by the state government are basically called Government Secondary Schools. The people of this tribe are usually core witches and cultists. like their counterparts in other states. varie. The Yoruba tribe located in Edo state is a minority tribe. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This is probably because of the fact that they are traditionalists to the core. The main occupation of the people are fishing and farming The people of Bini are farmers and are predominantly Christians. THE BELLS COMPREHENSIVE COLLEGE The Bells Comprehensive College is founded in 1991 by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (a former president of Nigeria); the schools (one for boys, one for girls and one for day) are spread across sixty five (65) acres of undiluted landscape on Idiroko Road in Ota, Ogun State. nation, a people with a beautiful thriving culture and diverse ethnic groups. Contrary to what a lot of people think, Edo state is not just occupied by the Binis and Esans. is estimated to be about 262,110 The people of Uneme are found in Afemailand.